If you are having a transit flight from Azerbaijan, then we would suggest you get the on-arrival visa and visit the beautiful country instead of wasting time sitting in the airport. In the past, it was not possible to get them an arrival visa for Azerbaijan. But today, you can get it quite easily by applying online. Whether you get an Azerbaijan visa or not depends on your nationality. 

If you want to obtain a temporary travel permit to Azerbaijan, then this is the best possible way to visit the country. On arrival-Azerbaijan, the visa is usually applied by residents of the country who are allowed to get a flight to Azerbaijan without a passport or the ones who have a transit flight visa Azerbaijan. You can get this kind of Azerbaijani visa from any international passport in the world.

The most common question asked by travellers is how much does the Azerbaijan visa on arrival cost! We will get to this question later; first, let us discuss some of the lesser common queries from tourists living across the globe regarding the Azeri Visa. 

Am I eligible for the Azerbaijan visa?

An arrival visa is given to travelers for a short period of time. You can get them on arrival visa for a few hours or up for a few days. If you want to check whether you can get them an arrival visa or not, then you need to call the Azeri embassy, or you can also check the official visa website of Azerbaijan. You can easily get the Azerbaijan online visa information with a few clicks on your browser. 

What are the requirements that you need to complete to get the Azerbaijan visa?

Here are some of the requirements that you have to take care of when you are applying for the evisa Azerbaijan.

  • Of course, you are going to need your passport. A passport is a basic requirement that you need to travel to another country. Know that your passport must have at least three months of validity if you want to get the on-arrival Azerbaijan visa.
  • You have to pay the visa fee on the spot. At every international airport, you can pay via cash or via credit cards for the on-arrival visa. 
  • You have to specify the time frame for which you need the visa. You also need to show proof of your hotel bookings and stay in Azerbaijan.

You can apply for this visa via the e-visa website, or you can also get it from the counter at the airport.

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What is the cost of an Azerbaijan visa?

If you want to get the Azerbaijan visa then you need to know the price. Azerbaijan has become one of the hottest tourist spots today, and one of the main reasons behind it is that the visa fee for Azerbaijan is quite affordable.

The average cost of an Azerbaijan visa is around $25 to $30 dollars today. You can pay this fee via cash or through online methods. Now an important thing that you need to know is that this visa fee is non-refundable. You won’t get the fee back even if your visa application gets rejected. 

The fee for the on arrival visa is a bit more as the traveler needs to urgently acquire it. The Azerbaijan electronic visa costs around $60 which is also very affordable for an average tourist. You can get this visa in less than thirty minutes!

To get more information about the Azerbaijan visa policies then you need to visit the official website.

By Manali