Tattoo Over Scars

Some people have scars that make them uncomfortable or lose confidence in daily life, and they want to use tattoos to cover them. It sounds like a great idea, but how long should you wait to tattoo over scars

Let’s find out the answer and the detailed explanation in this article so that you will know what the best thing to do with your coverage is!

How Long Should You Wait To Tattoo Over Scars?

It would be best if you always waited for the scar to heal before getting tattoos. Normally, scars will take approximately six months to heal fully, so that would be the minimum amount of time you need before getting your scar tattoo. 

A sign to detect whether it is a healed scar or not is by looking at the color of it. Getting a tattoo is 80% safe if it is a white scar. You should wait over three months or more. If it is a red scar, then it takes at least a year before you can start tattooing.

You need to be patient before getting your scar tattoo, as it is a critical decision. If you rush about getting your scar covered while it is not ready, severe skin conditions can happen to you and your skin’s health. Plus, the tattoo won’t come out beautifully as it should be if you keep trying to fasten the process. 

Especially for such a vulnerable skin area, you need to see an expert tattoo artist for consultation and implementation. 

What Are The Steps To Begin Tattooing Over Scars?

Here are the preparation steps before you start having tattoos over scars:

Find Out Whether It Is Possible Or Not

Even if you have waited a long time to get a tattoo on your scar, sometimes it doesn’t go that way. According to experienced tattoo artists, not everyone can have their scars diminished by tattoos. It depends on many factors, such as age, color, scar’s severity, placement, etc. 

Seek For A Professional Tattoo Artist

You have to get an experienced tattoo artist and ask for a consultation about your current scar situation, and they will tell you what you need to know about your intention.

Since scars are unique, choosing the right artist will be beneficial, as they need to suit your aesthetic and have quite an experience treating tattoos in these areas. 

Due to the hard work they need to put in more than usual, getting a reputable tattoo artist will grant you certainty while tattooing and treating it after. 

If they don’t state in their portfolio that they can tattoo over scars, consult them directly about your condition to ensure they can do such a job.

Not All Designs Work

You must determine whether you want the tattoo to cover or highlight them for a tattoo over scars. The design you wish to tattoo on your body should be carefully considered in color, size, depth, etc., so that its final texture can be clearly shown.

In the end, it’s your choice to choose what design you want to tattoo, but to make sure it will look great on your scars, consult your artist again.

Take Good Care Of Your Mind And Body

Take a good time for your scar to heal before tattooing. Refrained from going out too much in the sun to get a sunburn, for example. For customers who underwent chemotherapy, they are not advised to have the scar tattooed too soon as well. 

Prepare your mind for how hurtful it would be, how long it would take, and how hard it is to take care of the new tattoo once it is done. And surely, the answer to “Can you drink alcohol after tattoo?” is no, if you ask!

But don’t worry, the final result will make you confident in your body again, which is an effort to try.


And that’s everything we can conclude: How long should you wait to tattoo over scars

The answer has been cleared; you should wait for at least six months or more to get a tattoo on your scars. It also depends on each scar’s condition, so consult a professional tattoo artist for more information.

Thank you for staying tuned with us, and check my site for my helpful information about tattoos! Good luck with getting your new personalized feature!

By Manali