After several years of making all the necessary adjustments and enhancements, Puffco finally dropped Puffco Peak Pro for maximum vaporizer experience. Puffco Peak Pro is the newest outstanding vaporizer on the block; it has numerous sleek and enhanced features that put it in a class of its own amongst vaporizers. This vaporizer is of high quality, and it’s long-lasting. With a single full charge, it can last for 25 to 30 vape sessions before needing a recharge. This pro vaporizer lasts for more than a year, depending on your usage. As regards the chambers of Puffco Peak Pro, it lasts for 3 months or more before needing replacement. To check out and shop Puffco Peak Pro and chambers, visit this website here.

Read on if you wish to learn more and get a full grasp of what Puffco Peak Pro has to offer.

Features Of Puffco Peak Pro

More Temperature Variation

The Puffco Peak Pro is built to have four different temperature settings for various levels of experience. The lowest temperature is 254°C (492°F), and it’s indicated with blue light; 266 °C (510°F) is the medium temperature which shows a green light. Red light signifies a high temperature of 277°C (530°F), and finally, the white light signifies the highest temperature of 285°C (545°F). You can switch between temperatures with a single click of the power button. With these temperatures, you get to choose your preferred one and enjoy a clear expression of your concentration. 

That’s not all; the Puffco Peak Pro comes with a Puffco Peak Pro app that can be downloaded on your iPhone. The app allows you to link your Puffco Peak Pro device to your phone and customize the temperature. It also lets you customize your temperature colors. In addition, it allows you to monitor your daily sessions. 

Larger Capacity Chamber

Puffco Peak Pro comes with a larger concentrate bowl that can hold 40% more concentrates than the regular Puffco Peak device. In other words, with the Puffco Peak Pro, you can load larger loads conveniently. The chamber is designed with thick metal and strong ceramic. In addition, the chamber heats up faster within seconds. For instance, at the highest temperature settings of 285°C (545°F), the standard chamber heats up within 35 seconds. However, if you buy a separate 3D chamber, your concentrates will heat up in 24 seconds at 285°C (545°F); that’s about a quarter of a minute.

Higher Battery life

Puffco Peak Pro has a long-lasting, inbuilt rechargeable battery that can last for about 30 sessions before recharge. This device also comes with USB C charging which can speedily recharge your device fully in two hours. You can also get a separate wireless charging base if you prefer wireless charging. The battery is durable, and with each vape session, you use between 3% to 5% of the battery. 

You can also monitor the battery percentage of the Puffco Peak Pro when you click the power button three times. After the clicks, if the device shows a green light, it means the battery percentage is between 100% to 60%. Yellow light means the battery is between 60% to 30%, and a red light means the battery is low (between 30% to 0%).

Nice Pack

The Puffco Peak Pro comes in a sleek, discreet, and cool box. The box has a magnetic opening that keeps the case open when in use; it also has a magnetic closing system that keeps the box closed when not in use. 

High-quality Manufacturing

The upper section of this vaporizer is made of high-quality glass, which looks like an inverted cone. The glass is longer and tapers more than its predecessor, the Puffco Peak device. The longer glass allows more room for water, and it also prevents water from splashing out. 

The bottom section of the Puffco Peak Pro is black and has a power/control button. The lower section has a nice matte finish, and it doesn’t leave marks of fingerprints. 

Pure Vapor quality

The Puffco Peak Pro produces the purest, most potent, and most flavorful concentrate vapor. The directed airflow of the carb cap causes the vapor to be evenly disturbed; hence, it causes uniform dispersion of heat with no hot spots. 

Maintenance Of The Puffco Peak Pro Chambers

As with any device, the Puffco Peak Pro requires proper maintenance. A simple swab of the chamber with 90% isopropyl alcohol after each use can help remove residues that could affect the taste of your fresh concentrate during your next use. You can also clean the glass and deep clean the chamber with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol. Remember that proper maintenance of your device can make it last longer.

In conclusion, the Puffco Peak Pro is a premium, easy-to-use device that can change your vaping experience.

By Manali