How and why was Agent Carter season 3 cancelled

Agent Carter is the second TV spin-off of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Taking place in 1946, Agent Carter serves as a bridge between MCU’s past and present. SSR agent Peggy Carter is working with Howard Stark and the Jarvis family to create a new intelligence agency, which will later be named SHIELD.

Despite being loved by the audience, the average ratings acquired by the show led to its cancellation. Viewership of Agent Carter plummeted after the second season.

Why Was Agent Carter Season 3 Cancelled?

Even though the first season of the show didn’t get many views, it dropped even more in season two. Agent Carter was loved by many, but the number of viewers dropped. As a result, the show was canceled. Since there is a lot of material available, the fans wanted to know more about Peggy Carter, the main character.

Hayley Atwell said in an interview with The AV Club, “It’s a shame the network cancelled it and wanted to put me in something more mainstream.”.

Many petitions and campaigns have been started on the internet to bring her back. Many fans of the MCU want her to return. The cancellation is related to the network and its ratings.

Predictions For Agent Carter Season 3

We hope for a miracle update on a new season, but until then, we can only guess what might have happened in Season 3 of Agent Carter.

According to the show’s producer, Jose Molina, the show’s future plans include:

“From what I recall, the initial thrust would have been to investigate the Jack Thompson assassination attempt. Our hopes were that the story would then lead us to London, where we would learn that Peggy’s late brother Michael was not only alive and well, but involved in some extremely nefarious, super-villainous activities.”

Reactions of Fans to the Cancellation of Agent Carter Season 3

A petition started out in order to get Netflix, which has many Marvel comic stories, to pick up the show for its third season. This petition crossed over 130K signatures. Haley Atwell is willing to do anything it takes to make the third season a reality.

Could there be hope for Agent Carter season 3?

The well-written show, Agent Carter, received a lot of praise from fans and critics. Unfortunately, it did not attract many viewers. So it did not last long on a broadcast network.

Our only hope as fans is that streaming platforms like Disney+ or Netflix will pick up the series and a third season will be possible.

How Can I Watch Agent Carter Seasons 1 & 2?

There are 18 episodes of 43 minutes each in each of the first two seasons of Agent Carter available for streaming on Disney +.

It’s sad to hear that Agent Carter has been cancelled, but we can only hope that a third season will be revived. Peggy Carter, the main character of Agent Carter, is loved by many. We hope to see her again on television.

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