While you are doing your job duties, your employer should protect you from work-related injuries or illness. This is the reason workers’ compensation exists. In Virginia, employees are protected by specific workers’ comp laws. These laws offer them options when they suffer from on-the-job injuries, ensuring they get financial compensation for any damages to their person or income. 

If you have been harmed while at work or contracted an illness because your work environment is unhealthy, an attorney from the Injured Workers Law Firm can help you file a lawsuit. Some laws impact your case’s outcome, so you must hire an attorney to assist you through each step of the claim process. 

Know Your Rights after Sustaining a Workplace Injury

The workers’ comp system in Virginia is means to help and protect employees who suffered injuries while doing their job. However, such are constantly updated and amended. Understanding your rights as an injured worker is not always easy. 

After a workplace accident, you need to notify your employer about it within thirty days of the accident or after you have been informed by a doctor of your diagnosis. You may need to pick a physician from your employer’s approved doctors. Your chosen doctor will be your authorized treating doctor. 

You can file a workers’ comp claim within two years from the date of the accident. But the sooner you file a claim the sooner you may get benefits. Not filing a claim as soon as possible can result in various problems such as unnecessary denials or denials. You may need to hire an attorney if your claim is denied or delayed or if you think there are problems with your claim. 

Filing for Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ comp can depend on the insurance of your employer. This is why you need an attorney to educate you on the state’s laws and regulations. Your lawyer can work with your employer and their insurer to help you get compensation for your injury, illness, surgery, fractures, and disability. 

Sustaining an injury on the job can be quite frightening and concerning since you need to put your trust in your employer, hoping they give the help and coverage you need. When you proceed in this kind of case, you need an attorney who has the experience you rely on. Your attorney can prepare all necessary paperwork and file a claim on your behalf. Also, they can collect important evidence to support your claim. 

By Manali