Are you someone running a company for a long time and want to go global now with the help of digital marketing? Are you searching for a certified digital marketing specialist or freelancing SEO expert to handle all your marketing efforts for your company?

Ranking a web-page or website today is not as easy as it was a couple of years ago. You might need to hire a freelance SEO specialist who dedicatedly works for your business to achieve a competitive edge over rivals.

However, the competition is more intense, and it’s harder to stay on top of your SEO game because the algorithms used to determine rankings constantly change. But, if you get the proper support or guidance for the digital platforms of your business, you can easily outrank the existing pages and be the leader. 

Kunal Dabi is the Google Certified leading SEO Consultant in India and is known to deliver stable search engine results for your digital platforms. 

Leading SEO Expert in India

Hello there!

My name is Kunal Dabi, and I am the CEO of a growing SEO company and an SEO consultant for companies looking to increase their organic traffic. Being a keen observer and having worked in the SEO industry for over five years, I can proudly claim that I have expertise in all the SEO practices and well-versed google algorithms to make your website rank. 

In the past few years, our team has achieved high-quality results for more than 150+ (SEO clients) from global B2C and B2B businesses.

Having been in business for a while, we have experience handling every client’s business requirements following their needs. Our company offers a portfolio with a wide range of unique and budget-friendly plans. Therefore, you can easily selet one according to your business requirements. 

Why Are We the Best SEO Experts in India?

We have built a team of marketing experts in a variety of digitally focused areas, including 

  • Web design, 
  • SEO Audit, 
  • Content Marketing, 
  • Custom Strategy, 
  • Off-Page Optimization, 
  • Monthly Reports, 
  • On-Page Optimization 
  • Progressive Optimization 
  • Competitor Analysis and more. 

Every company has unique motivations and goals. Before launching our tailored SEO campaigns, we thoroughly understand our clients’ businesses. Our goals are: 

  • Increasing Website’s Visibility: 

Our primary goal is to increase a website’s visibility and attain quality traffic from top search engines. We aim to provide the outcomes you need from an Indian SEO expert thanks to our skilled and experienced team of internal marketers. Our expert staff, which provides a winning strategy and support, is in charge of our high-quality services.

  • Increasing Website’s Traffic: 

As an SEO expert in India, we work closely with our clients to increase their website traffic, search engine rankings improvements, and overall conversion rates. Moreover, we provide cost-effective SEO services to businesses in every industry niche.

  • SEO-Friendly Website: 

The base of a successful SEO campaign starts with a good website. From making your site SEO-friendly to implementing a result-driven backlink strategy, all will be assisted by our SEO experts.

A digital marketing strategy designed to boost your website’s visibility is what we strive for. With our results-driven SEO services, you will achieve top rankings on Google


  • Grow Your Business’s True Potential

Websites are the first point of interaction for customers nowadays. Many people look up businesses online before calling to come into your store.

Moreover, businesses nowadays don’t rely on old-fashioned and expensive advertising like TV, newspapers, banners, and radio ads to promote their brands. With the proper search engine optimization, a website can easily accomplish all your objectives within a minimal budget compared to newspaper or television advertising.

  • Achieve Higher Rankings

Like in every other business, business owners need higher conversions and sales for their enterprise. Search engine optimization is one of the critical factors in a website’s success.

Most of the time, online business owners are unaware of why they should hire an SEO expert. Gaining the attention of online users requires a high Google ranking today. Ranking high on Google is tough, and a user’s attention span is decreasing, making it harder to keep up with the competition in the market.

Our Best SEO Services

  • Website Audit – 

We conduct a thorough audit of your website to identify all undiscovered errors. We search for every issue and make sure to correct them to improve your website’s positioning and search engine performance.

  • Keyword Research & Analysis – 

It is done to determine the keywords that will bring in the most revenue for your website. As a result, your website will be easily ranked in the top pages and will drive more organic traffic.

  • On-page SEO optimization – 

To make your website more search engine friendly, our best SEO experts in India will optimize its content, URL, source code, mobile responsiveness, and images.

  • Competitive analysis – 

We extensively analyze your competitors’ strategies, what they are doing, and what works for them to develop a more result-driven plan for you.

  • Development of SEO-Friendly Content – 

We produce content for your website that is 100% original, engaging, and search engine friendly. It will have a direct and positive impact on the Google ranking of your website. 

  • Google my business optimization

When it comes to promoting your business locally or within a specific geographical area, nothing is better than local SEO services. A local listing will help you become more well-known in your area and attract more clients.

  • Link Building – 

The off-page optimization technique’s link-building strategy is among its most crucial components. We focus on developing a solid backlink strategy for our client’s websites.

  • Reporting – 

As a top SEO expert company, we think keeping our clients informed about the SEO process and results is essential. We also provide weekly and monthly reports on our work in an effort to build strong relationships with our esteemed clients.

Hiring an SEO Expert in India- Mantra of Success.

After working for more than five years in the SEO industry, we know what works best for our clients. We’ll work with you to integrate SEO tactics and outcome-oriented practices to generate the best possible result.

Are you ready to leave your competition behind and emerge as an industry leader? Thus, you are in the proper location. With the assistance of top SEO specialists in India, providing the most effective SEO services to broaden the visibility of your website and assist you in becoming well-known in your industry, you will easily be in the crawler’s eyes. 

What are you waiting for? Contact our business right away by visiting our website to learn more about our services. Let’s work together to implement SEO strategies that work and help you expand your business.

By Manali