Retro charm abounds in the best classic PC games. The graphics may not be as good as we’re used to by today’s standards, and the feel may even be clunky, but these classic PC games still stand the test of time in other ways. There are so many notable titles, be it because of their story, legacy, or influence. We are here to share some appreciation for the best classic PC games, whether you want to revisit an old favorite or find out what all the hype is about. 

Here are some of the best classic PC games you should try, ranging from excellent adventures like Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle to iconic shooters like Doom and Quake. Let’s take a journey through some of the best classic PC games. .


In the early 90s, Myst was released as a puzzle-based adventure game and eventually became the best-selling title of that decade. In this game, the player is given a magical book that allows them to travel across different worlds, solving puzzles and finding missing pages of other books in order to save one of two brothers trapped inside… other books. It is also possible to leave them in prison to languish. The audience praised Myst’s visuals and sound, though there was some dissatisfaction with its gameplay, making it somewhat of a marmite game. The game has been remade many times over the last 25 years, and has even been released on a console and mobile device. So you can check it out whenever the mood strikes you.

Duke Nukem 3D

It’s unlikely that any of us would recognize a real man if it weren’t for Duke Nukem 3D. So at least that’s what you would think from looking at that buzzcut-topped bundle of machismo bursting out of a red tank top and hiding behind a pair of sunglasses. Duke was probably desperate to compensate for something, but solid, fun gameplay wasn’t it. This impromptu vacation in Los Angeles takes place amid the action hero run-off of the late 80s and early 90s. Duke kicks asses, chews bubblegum, and rescues buxom beauties from an alien threat. The barebones story and action movie caricature may not have aged well – as evidenced by Duke Nukem Forever’s failure – but Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition lets you relive the glory days. 

Hexen: More Than a Heretic

 First-person shooter Hexen blended a high fantasy setting with a first-person shooter, offering players a choice of three classes before releasing them into a world full of monsters in need of defeat. As part of Heretic 2, players choose from a fighter, cleric, or mage and must track down the second of the Serpent Riders at the end of the game, who lays in wait in a trap-filled throne room. While it may not be as graphically impressive as other games, there are plenty of mods that can help you spruce it up, allowing you to play through some monster-eliminating shenanigans without sacrificing your sight.  

Oddworld: Abe’s Adventure 

 A glukkon race of aliens are brewing delicious treats from the local fauna in Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, a perilous prison break from RuptureFarms. Abe, the titular character, discovers what’s happening, and tries to escape, saving his fellow Mudokons along the way. The player decides whether to play the hero, but the outcome depends on how many enslaved workers Abe manages to transport to freedom. Another game that didn’t require you to dust off your rose-tinted glasses on the list is Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, which received an entirely new remake in 2014.


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By Manali