Retail store merchandising

PPMS is a retail and brand merchandising company that works for the sole objective of helping retail stores generate, utilize, and regulate an effective strategy for promoting their overall revenue. Along with offering some of the most unique and effective solutions for improving your retail merchandising strategies and processes, we serve countless industries starting from FMCG, mobility, beverages, healthcare, technology, telecom, and much more. Here is a guide that may help you get deeper insights into retail store merchandising.

If in-store retail merchandising is what you’re interested in, then PPMS is the perfect partner for you. We specialize in offering the best and most effective solutions for improving your marketing strategies and processes. Plus, we cater to numerous industries like FMCG, mobility, beverages, healthcare, technology and telecom. If you’re looking for a way to improve your retail store merchandising strategy, give us a chance to prove our worth by contacting us today!

Retail store merchandising is the process of designing and implementing a plan to attract customers to retail stores. It ought to be properly implemented, or it can turn into a huge liability for retail stores. The main objective of this strategy is to help retailers choose an awesome range of merchandise that is readily available in the market and successfully display them in such a way that they can better engage with customers who visit the store.

Visual merchandising is an art, and the visual merchandiser is the magician that brings it to life. We are a team of creative minds with a passion for design and a deep understanding of retail. We use our innate design skills to shape retail environments and improve their customer appeal through innovative ideas and concepts.

Visual merchandising india or ‘window dressing’ is an integral part of retailing. It involves the use of space and other visual items to attract and sell products. To be successful, a visual merchandiser must apply effective marketing practices and a sense of aesthetics, to create a unique experience for visitors which is both effective from an aesthetic standpoint and from a sales point of view. PPMS is a leading in-store retail product merchandising services company that helps brands and retailers sell more by attracting shoppers and turning them into buyers. Our team of professional retail merchandisers assist clients in improving their sales across varied channels and geographies.

At PPMS, we are passionate about building brand loyalty and winning the loyalty of customers. Our team of professional retail merchandisers helps you sell more products by attracting shoppers, providing superior service and making the shopping experience a pleasant one!

We at PPMS, are associated with one of the most prominent brands and retailers of the country. Our team of trained merchandisers understand how shoppers react to your displays, grab their attention and guide them towards making the right choices. With over 800 active locations across 140,000+ stores in India, our team members are strategically placed in key locations to serve you with their creativity and expertise. With us by your side, you can expect to boost sales by 10% or more.

By Manali