A parlay is a popular form of betting for all sports but is a common bet on NFL and NCAA college football games. For the purposes of this article we are discussing football parlays and the location will be Nevada sportsbooks. All rules and terminology may apply elsewhere in the world but the following rules and terms are hard and fast in the state of Nevada sportsbooks, where sports betting has been legal since 1931.

What is a Parlay and What are the Advantages of Betting Parlays

A parlay ties two or more bets together. Popular parlays are two team parlays and three team parlays. A typical two team parlay pays 13-5 and a three team parlay pays 6-1. These are the odds for parlays that are bet off the board. Off the board refers to the large electronic board in the sports book. The best way to bet any parlay is by bd-people.com off the board, because the odds are larger than betting off a parlay card.

One advantage of betting a parlay off the board is in the event a team ties or pushes the spread. In this case the tie game is dropped from the parlay. Now a three team parlay is a two team parlay. If betting off of a parlay card, a tie loses.

A parlay bet should never include more than five teams but a six team parlay for fun is okay once in a while. A 4 team parlay can pay a little as 10-1 and in some books as well as 11-1. 5 team parlays pay 25-1 and 6 team parlays pay have a wide range depending on the casino. A 6 team parlay can pay as little as 40-1 to as much as 55-1.

Start off slow betting parlays. Try two team parlays to start and then work work into betting three and four team parlays. If one game loses the parlay is over. So hitting four out of five on a parlay is a great story to tell but it won’t help anyone get to the cashier.

How to Bet Parlays at the Sportbook Window

When betting parlays off the board, it is important to write down the betting number. The betting number is to the right right of the team. Write down all three betting numbers or however many numbers will be in the parlay and approach the sportsbook ticket writer.

This is exactly how the bet must be said to the ticket writer, “I would like a $20 three-team parlay. Numbers 222, 234 and 245.” That is it. Simple and to the point. Say thank you and when cashing the ticket make sure to tip the ticket writer for good karma and good courtesy.

Hope the above tips may help in sports betting and probably win the bets. However, it is not easy as said. Winning a sports bet requires experience apart from ample knowledge about betting. NFL is not opposing online gambling now as before and below is a related information to understand the reasons.

NFL Not Opposing Online Gambling

The National Football League moves to support the passing of the legislation that would regulate the online poker industry, ending years of opposition.

It was reported on August 10, 2010 that the National Football League will no longer oppose Congressman Barney Frank’s (D-MA) Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection, and Enforcement Act (HR 2267) that aims at legalizing online gambling and ending the use of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). The NFL has held a long standing opposition against Congressman Frank’s bill due to its original legalization of online sports betting.

What Made the NFL Back the Regulation of Online Gambling

As already stated the NFL had long been opposed to HR 2267 because, while it aims at regulating online poker, it also sought to regulate and legalize online sports betting. After the House Financial Services Committee held its markup meeting of HR 2267 on July 28, the regulation of online sports betting was withdrawn from the bill and amended to prohibit companies from licensing companies that aim at sports betting. This new amendment to the bill did not include parimutuel racing, however, as it will be legal to bet on horse racing online.

Due to this major change in the legislation Brian McCarthy, the vice president of communications for the NFL, said that the NFL is “pleased with the outcome” of the committee meeting and that they no longer have any concerns about HR 2267. This move by the NFL finally had put to rest a four-year battle between the online poker industry and the very influential National Football League.

History of the NFL and the UIGEA

In 2006, when the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed, thus making it more difficult for Americans to play online poker, the NFL also battled for fantasy football to be exempt from the 2006 legislation. Once the NFL was able to take fantasy football out of the UIGEA they helped push the piece of legislation through while still being actively against the idea of regulating online sports betting.

According to taruhan-olahraga.com website, online sports betting has become very popular across the world as some of the largest online gambling companies like PartyGaming, TitanBet, and bwin are enormously popular around the world and especially in Europe. The NFL is seeking to keep as much betting out of the game of football as possible in an attempt to keep the game pure and impartial.

With HR 2267 now moving along the slow road to passing it is a relief to the online poker community to finally have a major adversary step back and now support the regulation of online gambling. The backing from the NFL may just be one small step out of countless in the road to regulation, but it is a welcome one to millions of American online poker supporters.

By Manali