It is a common argument about healthcare whether it should be free or a privilege.

The reason behind making the healthcare facility free is because the world has suffered from a severe pandemic and many people left the world due to not having any access to healthcare.

It has made us think that healthcare is not an opportunity or privilege, it is necessary for survival. Financial issues should not be the reason why people feel left behind in Healthcare facilities.

Here are a few reasons why healthcare should be considered free.

Access to Correct Care

Health and prescriptions should come down to what is the best option for the patient instead of what the patient is capable to afford.

Health insurance companies are deciding what patients can afford in the plan. This lead to a serious problem patient faces most of the time. They get the care under the insurance even when they require more care and the right prescription.

Free healthcare will benefit the patient with direct access to the doctors rather than asking insurance companies for help.


The unemployed people would find it most difficult to pay the bills for healthcare with no shelter.

Many people are living on the streets and are deprived of basic healthcare. Every life matters and the ones who are bringing the ones need the most. Many pregnant women are homeless with a sign asking for medical help.

Healthcare is a right to everyone that shouldn’t be taken from anyone especially those who are living in hard times and suffering from diseases.

Human Right

Free healthcare is essential for human rights. Just because people are struggling for it, there is no reason left for the government to take that right away from the people.

There must be organized health facilities for everyone in the town. Some medical places don’t offer Trans healthcare services and discriminate against them. 

When everyone finds free access to healthcare, the result would be an improvement in humanity. People will be more productive to perform their roles better. 

The government of the state should ensure that everyone is getting appropriate care and treatments regarding surgeries to prevent the spread of diseases. Every penny government will spend on free healthcare will be like an investment.

Eliminate Bankruptcy

Paying medical bills are a huge problem in many families because the healthcare they are receiving is getting expensive day after day. Once they start taking any medical assistance for any serious disease, they find themselves stuck on whether they will afford it or not.

Some treatments are designed as an ongoing process to eliminate the disease from the root. This makes the family continue paying for bills and when they feel vulnerable they quit the treatment.

This also affects the lifestyle they are living now which is a big problem. Healthcare should be free to make these people choose medical care over paying the bills of water and food and will not be bankrupt.

By Manali