Every children’s birthday party is an adventure for the little ones, but always a challenge for the parents. There are many things to consider, remote control car under $100 from the invitation card to the food and the games offered. Buying decoration ideas for a birthday party is often expensive, but luckily you can also make the decoration yourself. We have put together some tips for the perfect children’s party for you here.

A theme party is popular and you can decorate it very specifically!

Theme parties are more elaborate than “normal” parties, but also more popular. Especially if you choose a motto that has not yet been used often, the party will remain in the memory of the little party guests for a long time.

Buy decoration or tinker?

Once you have decided which motto you want to implement, you can consider whether you want or can buy the right decoration or make it yourself. Under the heading “Decoration Children’s Birthday,” you will find countless suitable ideas on the Internet. You can even buy complete-themed party sets! If you are creative, you can get inspiration there and imitate the inspirations yourself.

Even the little ones are already looking forward to colorful decoration

The very little ones are happy about everything that is beautifully colorful and with which they can ideally also play. Of course, everything should be harmless – no candles and no ceramic dishes because of possible shards. On top of that, aunts and opis are also happy about an atmospheric decoration – even if they don’t play with it themselves.

For babies and toddlers, it is best to take pretty pastel colors and adjust the decoration accordingly:

  • Balloons and balloon animals on the wall and on the floor to play
  • Garlands and party lights
  • Lanterns and lanterns, out of reach of the little ones, of course
  • Streamers on the table
  • Rosettes and paper trays
  • Pompoms or honeycomb balls
  • Instead of table service, rather colorful paper plates, paper cups, and straws

Fun with crafts for the older children

You can basically use the following five tips for every motto:

Design your own invitation cards and later use them as an official admission ticket. A grim-looking father as a bouncer can be particularly convincing at gangster parties when the little mini gangsters demand admission.

Balloons are boring? No. You just have to see them in the form of pretty decoration as a surprise. Let your children help with inflating, painting and hanging. In each balloon you put a small piece of paper with a name on it. At the end of the party, each child is allowed to burst a balloon and receives the gift that is noted on the note in the balloon.

These gifts must be kept in a mysterious box during the party. The children are allowed to puzzle over what is in it. You decorate and paint this box according to the motto of the party.

You can make or buy name tags completely and f1 formula rc cars label them with the name of the guest. It is best to use something that the children can take home later. For example, a themed plastic animal, car or other toy.

Bags for a small gift at the end of the party (or the gifts and name tags mentioned above) are often common and quick to make. Make it special: Photograph the children during the party and print out the pictures. Then you stick them on the bags. You can hardly design an even more personal bag with souvenir value.

Beach party – the insider tip for the summer

You need:

  • Plastic palms
  • Beach Posters
  • Fishing net with plastic fish
  • Mysterious treasure chest

Outdoor: Sand and an inflatable pool

On the table: shell decoration; Plastic fish as name tag

disguise: Hawaiian shirts, sunglasses, …

Food: Toast Hawaii, fruits or fruit saladDrinks: colorful cocktails with straw (from juice of course)

By Manali