With the dawn of 2022, it’s time for New Year’s resolutions that stick throughout the year. While most people may struggle to find the motivation to adhere to their resolutions to be more active, to exercise more, and to live a healthy lifestyle, experts recommend making goals and rewarding yourself to keep your interest and excitement alive. What better way to do that than with Fashion Nova’s extremely comfortable and stylish Nova Sport collection?

Soft and stretchy clothes that make you look like a fashion model, no matter what your shape or appearance, are a great way to keep going with your New Year’s resolution. If you’re nervous about working out in a public gym or going for a jog in your neighborhood in the morning, Fashion Nova’s perfect fit can help keep you looking stylish and fresh, which will boost your confidence no matter where you are. You’ll love having a mirror in your gym to look at your gorgeous and flattering gym clothes from Nova Sport.

These clothes won’t limit your activity, either. Whether you want to dive into yoga or mix it up with some cardio, your Nova Sport outfit can meet all your needs. If you work out in the great outdoors during the winter, your Nova Sport jacket and leggings can keep you warm, but if you typically get a little overheated, these clothes can help keep the sweat off and maintain your comfort during strenuous activity.

And even if your New Year’s resolution is simply nothing other than to look good for the whole year, Nova Sport still has you covered. Check out some of these perfect styles to spend 2022 in!

Active Compression Styles

Compression styles at Fashion Nova come in many colors and sizes to suit your needs and mood. These items also help aid muscle recovery and improve circulation, so they can assist you in your goal to get more in shape overall. They increase blood flow back to the heart which can help you if you struggle with circulation, or if you work on your feet and can’t seem to find the energy to work out after you’ve finished your job for the day. Loose and tight fiber help to manage the pressure that gets put on your muscles when you work out, which can increase the amount of oxygen supplied to your muscles. With a healthy heart and more circulation, your sore muscles can recover from their strenuous activity.

Furthermore, these styles, like the Can’t Be Beat Active Compression Sports Bra, come in sweat-wicking material. Stay comfortable no matter how much you’ve jogged that day.

Sculpt Tech Styles

Fashion Nova’s sculpt tech styles, like this NovaBabe Sculpt Tech Active Legging, help emphasize and flatter the best parts of you. Whether you want to make an exercise video to post to your Instagram, show off your progress in a TikTok video, or simply show yourself just how good you look, these styles can make the most of your incredible figure (no matter what your size is!)


For a unique look to wear at the gym or even to get yourself mentally prepared for your daily yoga routine, try a jumpsuit like this Challenge Me Active Jumpsuit that you can wear while blending your protein shake and while stretching on the mat. Breathable fabric and unique style make for a satisfactory exercise session and a gorgeous social media post to tout your progress afterward.

Diversity in Size and Shapes

Since Fashion Nova has promoted body positivity and created hundreds of thousands of styles for shoppers of all generations, Nova Sport has plenty of options for the curviest athlete as well as one who might not have curves.

CEO Richard Saghian once said, “We democratize the fashion that we bring.” When talking about his Curve collection, he stated, “No plus size company would ever create something like this for their brands. Yet we were bold enough to create it because we listened to our customers. They said, we want the same thing that you sell in XS, we just want it in 3X. And if you go to our Curve page you can see that’s what we did.”

By Manali