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Over the last few years, marketing has become an important part of any company’s business plan. With the fats spread of globalization and internet, companies and brands are not only trying to target their local audience but also from people all over the world. With so many companies offering similar products, tactics like good marketing strategies are now more essential than ever to attract new customers. Marketing increases awareness among your target audience letting them know of your company and your products. With people spending most of their daily time on social media it has become a priority for many companies to advertise their products on various social media platforms. This specific article will give you a brief rundown of both Facebook  and  Pinterest ads to help you decide which one is better suited for you.

Facebook Ads

If you are planning on advertising your business using Facebook ads, this is what you need to know:

  • Reach: When it comes to reach to reach, Facebook beats almost all other social media platforms currently available. With almost 2.9 billion monthly users, Facebook ads can be a great option for advertising as it allows you to expose your product to a large number of people.
  • Targeting options: Another important factor in your advertising campaign is going to be the targeting options a platform can offer you. Facebook ads has you covered with a multitude of targeting options at your fingertips. You can target your audience on basis of age, gender, location, interests, site visits and many more. You can also check conversions through Facebook Pixel.
  • Picking your purpose: Facebook ads gives you plenty of options regarding the purpose of your ads. You can select options like store traffic, reach, brand awareness, conversions etc. based on your purpose.
  • Cost: This will vary depending upon your needs and budget restrictions. Facebook ads tend to be cheap starting with 0.50-2.00 dollars per click. Most companies tend to spend 200-800 dollars per month on Facebook ads.

Pinterest Ads

          Here is the basic stuff you need to know if you are planning on advertising using Pinterest ads:

  • Reach: While Pinterest does not give you an audience as large as Facebook, it still is a good option for running advertising campaigns. Pinterest has 400 million plus active users per month.
  • Targeting options: Just like Facebook ads, Pinterest ads also give you multiple targeting options that you can utilize. You can target your required audience on basis of interests, keywords, site visits and multiple demographics like gender, age etc.
  • Picking your purpose: Once again, Pinterest ads gives you certain options when picking your objective for your ads. You can select from multiple options like brand awareness, conversions, considerations, catalog sales etc.
  • Cost: Pinterest ads are also very cheap starting from 0.10-1.50 dollars per engagement. Once again, the amount you will spend on marketing is going to depend upon your marketing budget.


          There are certain restrictions that you may face while advertising on both of these platforms, so it is better that you do your research beforehand. When it comes to Facebook ads, keep in mind that you will be facing a very rigorous process for approval of your ads. Any elements of your ads that do not meet the standard guidelines will lead to rejection of your ad. The approval process can also take up to 24 hours or more. Being the bigger platform also means that most major companies will opt to go for Facebook ads to increase exposure and bring more eyes to their products. This can lead to stiff competition and makes it difficult for certain businesses to stand out from the pack. You will also be required to keep paying to keep your campaign afloat. Once the campaign is over and you stop paying the required amount, your ad will disappear for good.

Similarly, Pinterest is best for you if you have a female oriented business. Majority of Pinterest users are females making it an excellent choice for certain products like clothing, cosmetics etc. Male oriented products will not do that well on Pinterest. Also the required Pin designs for your ads must be composed of original photos and use of stock photos are a big no.


          Overall, both platforms have their pros and cons. The platform you will use will depend upon your needs and requirements and nature of your business.

By Manali