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The furnishings of a house go a long way in creating a great impression of the property. When it comes to furnishings, most homeowners tend to overlook the importance of doors and windows. Exclusively designed and well-maintained interior doors can add a unique charm and appeal to the décor of any home. It is because of this fact that people are now opting for luxury doors like white French doors to enhance the look and feel of their homes.

The market today is flooded with doors of diverse styles and designs. This makes choosing the perfect luxury doors somewhat confusing. This article provides comprehensive details about the luxury doors to help buyers make the right choice.

What Are Luxury Doors?

Luxury doors are not much different from regular doors, except that these doors feature elaborate styling and a unique design. These doors are often made from high-quality materials both to enhance their durability and for a rich, lavish look. Over the years, uPVC and aluminum have been increasingly preferred for creating the most exclusively styled doors. TOSTEM INDIA is one of the leading providers of a wide range of high-quality and beautifully designed luxury doors. The brand offers aluminum slide and fold doors along with bi-fold and casement doors that enhance the elegance of modern and contemporary homes.

Tips For Choosing the Perfect Luxury Doors

Most luxurious doors are expensive as they doors offer an exclusive sense of style and are designed to stand apart from regular doors. Moreover, they create a lasting impression. Given the wide range of choice of options in this niche, selecting the right luxury doors is often quite overwhelming. The following tips can help to simplify the task and ensure that the buyers get the doors that match their décor needs and style preference.

Check The Material Used

The material used for making the door plays an important role in enhancing its appeal. In this context, aluminum has emerged as the most popular option, given its features and benefits. The metal is extremely lightweight and durable and hence is perfect for making high-quality and luxurious doors that last long. Aluminum, being an extremely eco-friendly that can be recycled multiple times without impacting its sturdiness or appeal, is one of the most sought-after materials. Aluminum slide and fold doors also offer better resistance to stains and dust, and this helps to maintain the beauty and fresh look of the doors.  

Pay Attention to The Design and Styling

The design and styling of a door contribute significantly to giving it a luxurious look and feel. Hence buyers should pay attention to the style and design of the doors offered by different manufacturers before selecting the one that they find most appealing. Being lightweight and easily malleable makes it possible to create aluminum doors with various designs and styles. This is also one of the reasons that make aluminum the perfect material for manufacturing lavish doors.

Verify The Smoothness of Colour and Finish 

One key aspect that sets luxury doors apart from regular doors is the smoothness of their color and finish. The luxury doors are known for their rich color and fine finish, which makes them look impressive even from a distance. The choice of color depends on the personal preference of the buyers and hence varies accordingly. In general, a pastel or white French door is best suited for the interior of a house, while using bright, bold colors for front doors helps to create a strong style statement.

Consider The Type of Glazing 

Most Aluminum slide and fold doors come with glass panels. The type of glazing used for these doors also helps to enhance its rich, luxurious look. It also impacts the weatherproofing, energy efficiency, and the level of privacy offered by the doors. Buyers can choose between tinted or colored, or even hazy glasses as per their preference. TOSTEM INDIA offers high-quality doors featuring glass panels with patented TEXGUARD coating for better protection from environmental elements and enhanced privacy without diminishing the style of the doors.


Investing in luxury doors can change the look and appeal of a house entirely. Moreover, these doors add value to a property, making it appear truly lavish and exclusive. We hope that the above tips can help buyers choose the right luxury doors to enhance the décor of their homes.  

By Manali