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Who does not want a lively environment? None of us wants a boring life. We all long for excitement and crave joy. If we can’t remain dull and do not want to be boring, how can we leave our homes to look uninteresting? Transforming your space to make it look interesting is not a tedious job. It just needs a little bit of attention and the right pieces of décor to jazz up your space.

Transforming your Space

Home décor is an integral part of our lives. With the modern lifestyle, we all are progressing towards achieving a perfect look for our homes. The different sources of light are the key to decorating your home effectively. Well executed decorative lights can transform any dull space providing a splash of chic and making it look elegant. They make your living space look joyful and filled with full of life.

Several Types of Lights

The first and most crucial thing that you need to decide upon is the type of lighting you want in your space. There are several varieties of lighting available and we can’t use all the lights for all purposes. Different lights display different looks. You can decide upon the type of look you want to achieve. Styling your home with the correct type of lighting is equivalent to creating artwork. Here are some types of lighting for various purposes –

Chandeliers – These are the ambient light that decks up the space and provides vintage glamour to your living area. You can hang them alone on the ceiling or pair them up with other decorative lights sources. They are best to be used in the living room, the bedroom, and the dining room. They are available with multiple-coloured lights that add to the elegance of the room. You can have a special and luxurious feel and look with these lights.

Pendant Lights – These lights are apt to create a statement look in your space. These lights either hang from a wire or are suspended on a pole. These can be placed over the kitchen islands or the tables.

LED Lightings – These lights are an inexpensive way to be used in the interiors of your home. These are flexible and are available in multiple colours. This light is used to illuminate the architectural details of your space. Mostly they are used as cabinet lighting, under counter edges in the kitchen islands and on the staircases.

Table Lamps – These are the amazing pieces of décor that provide light and don’t use up much space. You can place them on any table whether a study or bedside table. Even when placed in a corner it is appealing and brightens up the corner giving a special effect to it.  They help add extra light to a dark room. You can pick up the one with an upward glow for additional brightness.

String lights – Whenever you are preparing your house for a special celebration, or party, you can use the string lights that will add charm to your space. They make your space look magical and create a warm and romantic set-up where you and your guests can enjoy the cosy feeling.

Give your personal space the best look it deserves and get fascinated by its appearance and flaunt its beauty.

By Manali