The question of If a solar panel increases the value of a home is dependent on so many reasons which we would be checking out in this article. 

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Solar panels are of great benefit to the home as it serves the purpose of power. By using a solar panel, you’re cutting costs on utility bills, you’re reducing gases, and all other stuff that affects the environment.

Do you want to know if solar panels increase home value? Let’s journey!

Do Solar Panels Increase Home Value?

The answer to this question is a big YES! Solar Panels Increase the value of your home. Research shows that you can even resell your house at 100% more than the initial price just because of a solar panel.

This fact is not a result of the status quo ‘solar panel’ but because of how much it contributes to the home and economic development at large.

Factors To Consider


As much as a solar panel can increase your home value, the location matters a lot. If your house is built in a geographical location where this feature is appreciated then you will enjoy selling it but if it’s not appreciated, you might end up going for the regular. Regardless of location, I know a solar panel will affect the value.

Installation price

People say installing a solar panel is not so expensive but in real scenarios, you have to spend money just to get the job done. Sometimes these people hire professionals who might tend to charge a lot just to get the work done. They have no choice but to pay for it because they want a job that would last and not cause damage too.

Power output

Solar Panels come in grades so we have to look out how much output your solar panel gives out before talking value. The output should match the increase you’re putting in. If it does not contribute much to the comfortability of the home then I fear it might just go for the regular price.

Maintenance policy

Maintaining a solar panel is not so hard of a job but it still has to be maintained. The list would be incomplete without talking about the maintenance process of this gadget. It is also something to look out for when talking about home value.


Do you know that having a solar panel attracts tax? Yes, it does and it is also part of the things you should look out for when talking about home value.


Some Benefits Of Solar Panels

Reduced utility bills

Having a solar panel comes with relief from utility bills. You do not have to pay for power as other people would.

Saves money

Incorporating the use of a solar panel, helps you save more money. The money used to pay for bills can be put into other things that need attention.

Having seen all of these, it is obvious that solar panels add to the value of the home but some things have to be reviewed, just like I listed.

By Manali