Extension Planning Drawings

Extension Building Regulations Drawings:

Architects invest a variety of time and money in turning into an architect, so it is reasonable that they price a truthful amount for their skills. For a single-storey extension, you’ll be searching at least 6% of the build charges; for larger initiatives, the range is probably long.

From 6% to 14%, depending on the project, the time concerned and the complexity of the design. Of course, if you were a piece clewed up, you would know that you don’t need a RIBA or ARB architect for such a small task.

Neither do you want to pay everywhere close to the amount an architect might charge in case you had been to train an Architectural Technician to create theplans in your extension?

Your extension will surely want Extension Planning Drawings Approval through your Local Authority and an Approved Inspector. So, you may do that one in two ways;

1) A Building Notice

This is only a form that states you are building an extension. It enables the inspectors to cite your charges and tells them to adopt to do some web page visits soon. However, no extension Building Regulations Drawings are produced with this choice, and you or your builder can publish the Building Notice.

2) Full Plans Application

The one we’d suggest. So, Architectural Building Regulations Drawings have been produced for us and are pre-checked by the Building Control Officer before building work begins. This means you may be completely assured that you’ll no longer be constructing whatever is non-compliant and must make pricey corrections.

The extension building rules drawings we produce include all the applicable designated section drawings, a specification and all relevant building notes to get you Full Plans Building Control Approval. So, your builder will even have the best exact extension plans to work from, similarly lowering the risk of errors on web site.

Rear Extension Planning Permission Drawings:

So, you have determined you want to build a rear extension. Great! But do you need planning Permission? Do you want Full Planning, or do your proposals fall under your authorised development right, only needing a Cert? Of Lawful improvement?

As with all Planning Applications, any utility for a rear extension must be submitted alongside a complete set of scaled architectural drawings. These honestly define the dimensions of the current assets and the proposed rear wing.

At Archimedes Design, we specialize in Planning Applications for all family improvement projects and rear extensions. Our drawings permit the Duty Planning Officers at the Local Authority to provide clear information about the proposed development, supporting them to reach a definitive selection easily.

  • As Planning experts, we ensure all our drawings and suggestions meet the applicable planning rules and regulations. When we suggest a development, we make sure it conforms to these recommendations and only ever tackle projects for which we strongly trust we can benefit from planning permission.
  • Our drawings are designed to benefit you in making plans for Building Regulations Drawings approval. As such, they do now not contain the same level of detail as the ones of a traditional architect.
  • By focusing our drawings on Planning approval, we’re in a position to offer you high-quality making plans drawings at a fraction of the fee!
  • Once you have got been granted making plans permission, we can, without problems amend your drawings for use with the aid of a builder so you can hand them out for gentle and quotes
  • Once we have correctly gained making plans permission for you, the drawings can be manipulated to be used by a building contractor without difficulty. This method has confirmed to force down fees involved, and you may use the budget closer to the construction expenses!
  • As part of our planning permission package deal, we can manage your entire planning software with the local authority and liaise with them at some stage, ensuring your rear extension has the finest possibilities of making plans consent.


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By Manali