Can Student Loan Forgiveness ever happen?

After the president’s campaign trail, Joe Biden promised to forgive $10.000 amount in student educational debts. However, this issue was the most significant question mark in many loan borrowers’ minds whether the student debt cancellation would ever happen?

Unfortunately, since the early days of Biden’s presidency, very few actions have occurred. Not all the ideas about broad student loan forgiveness are backed up with actions. This blog will talk about the latest updates on this topic and analyze the advantages of possible student loan forgiveness that many people desire to know.

What is Student Loan and Debt Cancellation?

Loan borrowers are the ones who take out loans, particularly for education. A student loan or debt cancellation is the discharge from these loans that borrowers are not obliged to repay their entire or part of deferral student loan. Student loan forgiveness is usually available for several types of loans. In addition, applying to these programs as the eligibility requirement is limited to people working in the public service, education, and military professions.

Due to the pandemic caused by the 2020 economic crisis in every world, student debt concerns have emerged. So, the student loan forgiveness programs, the repayment plan of debts, etc., have recently become quite controversial political issues.

How does Student Loan Forgiveness Work?

Student loan forgiveness means a debt they are liable to pay for university or college is eliminated or forgiven. Based on the theory, any student loan can be forgiven or canceled. But in practice, things are working differently. Student loan cancellation most of the time applies to government-issued or backed loans. These are account for 92% of student debts in the US. Consequently, the forgiveness programs do not consider private loans such as debts from commercial banks.

If you are selected as an eligible person for a student loan forgiveness or debt cancellation program for the total amount, you don’t need to pay the loan payments. This matter is because you are not obliged to pay your college because of the loan forgiveness on the total amount. However, on the other point, there can be cases where you can be entitled only to a portion of your loan. At this moment, you are responsible for paying only the remaining amount.

What do People Think about Debt Cancellation?

Well-known arguments for Student Debt Cancellation

Debts caused borrowers to delay life. Student debt affects everyone at every stage of life, from starting a business from scratch to purchasing a home or even getting married. Unfortunately, student debt doesn’t let borrowers make important decisions financially. That is why it is considered something to delay the life of thousands.

While taking debt, if you have a degree, you somehow may confront yourself that you can boost your earnings and pay the loan one day. But unfortunately, not all student loan borrowers have degrees and can pay in the future. Therefore, it is pretty crucial to have a student loan forgiveness program. If it works in the way that is promised, it may somehow save some sufferers’ life. But, undoubtedly, people without degrees can never benefit from the rise in their salary.

It is possible to make a slight decrease in the racial wealth gap with the help of student loan forgiveness. Data about this topic indicates a lack of wealth among various social groups. For instance, many Black and Hispanic families are more likely to take student loans to afford college than any other social group because of the wealth problem. The same applies after the college period to these people. These families earn less, making them more likely to default on student loans. As a result, having student loan forgiveness may positively affect the lives of many people who are in the same situation.

Well-known arguments against Student Debt Cancellation

Some think that student debt cancellation is not fair. For example, it has been argued that it will be unfair for people who accomplished a college education or those who have already paid off their loans not to benefit.

On the other hand, some people think benefiting student loan forgiveness program one time will not help solve the entire debt.

By Manali