Have you ever thought about how much it costs to move? Moving can be a daunting task, especially for those who have never done it before. Luckily, experts know that many factors contribute to the average cost for a local move in San Jose.

The following list will help you understand your San Jose moving costs and what might affect them:

1. Types Of Packing Materials

The packing materials you are using impact the average cost for a local move in San Jose.

Cheaper options are newspaper before your items, brown paper to wrap things in, and old sheets or comforters for large items. Consider bubble wrap and Styrofoam peanuts if you want to go all out.

2. Availability Of Storage Space

If you plan to store your belongings for some time after you have moved, then using storage facilities can come as a big help.

If you want to save money or don’t have enough space for storing your belongings, then make sure that you rent out a storage unit from the movers.

3. Weight Of Your Belongings

The total weight of all items being moved is another factor that affects the cost of local moving services.

There are minimum weight requirements for moving companies to consider taking up your request, so it is best to ensure that the items do not exceed this limit.

4. Services You Need

How much it will cost for your local move in San Jose will vary based on the services you require.

If you are packing everything yourself, it will be cheaper than if you want full-service packing, which includes having movers pack up all of your items.

If you do not have a lot of furniture, picking only the essentials might be enough. However, if you have a larger house with lots of items to pack, it can become costly to hire movers for everything. 

5. Extra Costs to Consider

If you need help packing for your move, movers will likely charge by the hour, so it might be more expensive than you initially thought.

If you want to save money, consider doing things yourself or perhaps even ask friends and family members if they could help.

6. Type of Transportation

Different moving companies use a wide variety of transportation, depending on the distance your belongings need to be transported. They can use anything from a cargo van to a tractor-trailer to move your items.

7. How Many People Are Moving?

Moving San Jose with a team is always easier than doing it yourself since you can get things moved out quicker and set up faster in your new home.

If you have a lot of people who are going to help you move, then the cost per person will be less because everyone is pitching in.

8. Time of Year

The time of year you are moving can affect the average cost for a local move in San Jose because certain months will be busier than others.

If you are concerned about costs, avoid peak times like the summer or during holidays to lower your expenses.

9. Size Of Moving Truck Used

The size of the moving truck used to transport items also affects the total cost for local moving services. You should ask each mover about their price schemes and compare them before making a final decision.

If possible, try opting for full-sized trucks because they can fit in more items than smaller ones, saving you money.

10. Insurance

Different moving companies offer different types of insurance plans. You should be aware of how much coverage they are offering and the deductible and try to find a plan that fits your budget perfectly.

It is best to go with full-coverage insurance that covers both the transportation and moving costs.

11. Distance From One Place To Another

The distance between your old house and new residence also affects the final price for local moving services.

Since it takes more time, effort, and money to move items over longer distances, interstate movers often charge higher fees compared to their counterparts that work locally.

12. The Condition of Your Items

Moving broken items will result in extra labor costs. If there are things that you know need to be fixed, then it is best to let your movers know so they can account for any damages when giving an estimate.


Various factors affect the average cost for local moving services. You need to know how they work and what influences them to make a decision based on facts rather than emotions.

Make sure you consider every possible factor before choosing the cheapest one from your list of movers. If possible, try to keep your budget maintained.

At Ace Moving, we offer you various services, and we work hard to do our best to feel satisfied.

By Manali