Creative Ideas For Gifting Flower Combos

If we ask you about the most delicate yet powerful thing present on mother earth, then the answer is definitely flowers! These beautiful little buds are loved by all and have a rare power of conveying the deepest emotions that can not be expressed through words. To send flowers to Chandigarh or literally anywhere else in the world is exceptionally easy and frankly speaking, one of the best gift options. These exotic little blossoms can make anyone smile and instantly improve their mood.

Just imagine if an arrangement alone can have such amazing effects, then how fascinating the results will be when you combine these cute colorful blooms with other presents. Flowers can make everything better and when combined with great things they make the best presents ever and we know that is exactly what you want for the ones you love. If you are having trouble deciding which combo to go for or which gift would compliment the best with flowers for all the occasions, then do not fret as we are here to help you out! Here is a list of the awesome present that you can combine with flowers of different kinds, for different occasions. Keep scrolling through and take your pick.

A Scrummy Cake With A Pretty Bouquet

A tasty dessert and a bunch of beautiful flowers, that’s a treat for all your senses. Not just birthdays, no matter which occasion it is, you can start the day of the one you love on a cheerful note with a scrumptious cake of a flavor they love and an enchanting bouquet of pretty flowers. It’s a combination that no one can say no to and we are sure that it will only brighten up their day with taste and aroma.

A Chocolaty-Floral Treat

This time, when you plan on making the love of your life smile with a bunch of chocolates, add in the fun of a box of fabulous chocolates. We really do not believe that anyone can hate the brown blessing known as chocolate and when they are combined with one of the best creations of the universe, the combination is divine in every sense of the word!

Floral Comfort With Cushions

Cushions are fantastic gifts, they are soft, comfortable, and oh-so-plushy! If you decide to go with this gift, you will be gifting them an experience. They can have rest on the gifted pillow and place the flowers by their side, just imagine how relaxing it would be to have a cup of coffee and a good book in their hand. A cushion is truly a personal gift and you can even get them personalized with your near and dear one’s initials, name, or a picture of you two together. With this cute combo, take up the intimacy to another level!

Soft Toys with Flowers

A Soft toy is the most innocently adorable gift you can give to someone, along with a bunch of pretty blossoms. Gift the one you love, a plush soft toy that he or she can cherish. You can go for adorable pandas, a cute little turtle, a funny bunny, a fascinating fish, or the traditional, ever-loved teddy bear. You can make the toy hold the bouquet like they are presting it to them. Which, trust us, would look totally adorable!

Floral-Greeting gift

A greeting card is a fantastic present when you have something special to say. The pretty cards come in different shapes and sizes for all occasions. You can select one card and write down everything you feel and wish to say, and even if you are someone who is good with words you can always find a card that has some magical words pre-written in it. If this is the combo you are going for this Valentine’s Day, then a musical card is something you should try along with a mesmerizing bouquet of deep royal red roses-the ultimate symbol of love.

Indoor plants with Flowers

A present depends a lot on the personality of the giver and the receiver. An ideal gift is a blend of both of their choices, so, if you and the one for whom you planing the present are environment lovers and greenery enthusiasts, then an indoor plant in a cute vase and a bunch of flowers is just the combo you need. You can express the love you have for them and mother nature together with combo while cleansing the aura of their home.

The combos we have mentioned above are simply some ideas for you to give the perfect present. To be honest, we believe that flowers make everything better and you can pair them with any gift. Some other ideas that can be combined are flowers with a gourmet box or flowers with a box of Indian sweets., whatever you choose, a present given with love is always appreciated.

By Manali