wearing masks

Face masks have become a necessity to be safe from viral infection flooding the environment. Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) also highlights the importance of mask-wearing along with other measures such as social distancing and hand washing to curb the spread of communicable diseases and help people to stay fit. 

However, to reap maximum benefits and maintain good health, following the guidelines or protocols efficiently is important.

Especially, for face masks, wearing them properly is the key to preventing yourself from catching viruses and bacteria. 

It is observed that people unintentionally make some common mistakes while covering their face which results in catching infections.

To help you understand it better, we have listed some potential mistakes people make while wearing masks that increase the risk of contamination.

Exposing nose or mouth

Many people tend to wear masks exposing their noses and mouth. It is not the correct way to wear a face covering. Be it a cloth mask or an N95 mask, wearing it properly is vital to protect ourselves from viral infections and germs. So, make sure to cover your nose and mouth to fight against those invisible creatures. 

Wearing a too-loose face covering

Another mistake committed by most people nowadays is wearing loosely fitted masks. A face covering with loose ends easily lets germs and droplets split inside out of the edges can put your and others’ health in danger. Your face mask needs to snugly fit on your face. 

Remember, the more of your breath or other substances from your nose or mouth leak into the air, the more useless the mask becomes in protecting from contamination.

Touching or adjusting the mask too often

One of the biggest mistakes people commit while the mask is on is touching or readjusting it frequently. This should not be done. To curb infections and contamination try to minimize touching as much as possible. 

Furthermore, in communal places like grocery stores, consider placing a shield in front of your face for extra protection and assurance from touching and transferring diseases. It will help by resisting the urge to touch the face more often.

Pulling down the mask to talk

Pulling the mask down or unhooking it from the ears is the action of defeating the purpose of wearing a mask for protection. Yes, mask-wearing can be uncomfortable for many of us but performing such actions will only put us at further risk. Take your time to become habitual, but do not try such things which can contaminate you with deadly viruses. Wear the mask in the correct position for the ultimate safety and care. 

Removing the mask improperly

Some people carefully put on and wear the masks, but commit the mistake while removing them. The correct way of removing a mask is to take it off by unlooping or untying it from the ears and without touching the front. Then, dispose of it safely in the dustbin. You can even use gloves while carrying the process. 

Furthermore, not practising hand hygiene is also one of the potential errors humans make before and after putting on or taking off the mask. 

Hand sanitizing or cleaning is an integral step to fight against harmful infections. Hands being the prime source of contamination need a little more care and attention. So, cleaning them with the help of soap and water or an alcohol-based liquid hand sanitizer is a must. Even various medical institutions emphasize the significance of handwashing every now and then to stay safe from catching diseases and leading a healthy life. 

Keep in mind all the above-mentioned mistakes and make your family members, acquaintances, and neighbours aware of these to create a hygienic environment to live in. 

By Manali