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If you need orthodontic treatment, but don’t want to damage your image, you’ll like to know the invisible braces, more discreet and comfortable!

There are different  types of appliances  indicated to make orthodontic corrections, that is, to move the teeth so that they assume the ideal position in the dental arcade. One of the options is the invisible braces , an alternative that provides a more discreet and comfortable treatment.

It is different from other braces because it does not contain metals and makes it possible to achieve faster results. Its indications are quite broad, being ideal for those who want comfort, practicality and discretion .

As this model is still becoming popular in Pakistan, we prepared this article to bring you some important information about it. Read on and see how this clear braces works, what are the advantages and disadvantages it offers and if the invisible braces is right for you!

What is the invisible braces:

The invisible appliance is a type of aesthetic orthodontic appliance made of transparent material that is almost imperceptible in the mouth . It is a mobile braces that does not contain brackets or other parts, so it provides a more comfortable and discreet treatment.

It is true that when we talk about orthodontic braces, the first model that comes to mind is the metallic fixed, after all, it is the most popular there is. However, currently, we have the invisible braces and some other options for  teeth alignment . It is interesting to know these alternatives to choose the ideal one for you.

What changes from one appliance model to another is its structure and the way in which each one stimulates tooth movement. In addition, they can be more or less indicated for certain clinical conditions, according to the complexity of the problems that need to be treated.

The invisible braces, which is also known as a transparent aligner , is one of the alternatives to the conventional metallic braces, because it is indicated for orthodontic corrections from the most subtle to complex cases, such as:

  • crowding (lack of space to accommodate all the teeth in the dental arch);
  • misalignments;
  • diastema (spaces);

As said, it is made of a transparent material and does not contain brackets, arches, elastics and other components such as the fixed appliance. Its structure is similar to the trays used to  whiten teeth .

It is fitted over the teeth, adapting to the shape of the dentition and, as it is transparent, it is almost imperceptible in the mouth. The invisible braces is custom made for each patient, based on a plan made before the start of treatment.

The dental arch is digitally scanned using an intraoral scanner. Thus, the dentist simulates, on the computer, the movements that will need to happen to correct the orthodontic problems. He designs several braces with minor differences from one to the other.

These clear aligners  will be changed in sequence and this small variation is what will stimulate tooth movements. Thus, it is not necessary to do maintenance, the queries are more spaced.

The patient himself is the one who makes the exchange of the braces according to the dentist’s orientation. After all, this braces is mobile, it does not stick to the teeth, so it can be removed from the mouth also when eating, brushing teeth and at other times, if necessary.

What are the advantages of this braces?

You have seen that the invisible braces has very different characteristics from the fixed metallic braces. The traditional model is quite efficient, being indispensable in some cases, but the transparent aligner provides several advantages that make it very attractive. See the main ones below!

Aesthetic Enhancement:

Fixed appliances have the disadvantage of impacting the appearance of the smile. Therefore, especially adults can refuse to undergo treatment because of the damage it causes to self-image, highlighting the dentition and bringing an infantilized appearance.

The invisible braces, as we explained, is made of a transparent material and contains no components. It can hardly be perceived in the mouth, therefore, the smile is valued and the aesthetics preserved. In addition to this advantage, it can be taken out of the mouth if necessary, such as to take a photograph or record a video.

Treatment forecast:

We said that treatment with invisible braces is planned in advance. The dentist collects images and requests exams to have details of the patient’s dentition characteristics. All this is done with the help of computer software.

This software allows you to manipulate the images to define what the treatment result should look like. So, the patient can know his future smile without even having started using the braces. There is greater predictability because this planning also shows how each clear aligners must be made to achieve the goal.

Ease of cleaning:

The fixed appliance retains food residues, making it more difficult to clean and even comply with the hygiene of the teeth. Unlike what happens with the invisible braces that, as we explained, can be removed from the mouth at mealtime and does not maintain contact with food.

Therefore,  cleaning the braces  is much easier because it is out of the mouth. It is possible to pay attention to details to eliminate saliva residues and other possible impurities. Brushing is more practical , as the teeth are sanitized without any obstacle that makes it difficult to move the brush and floss.

Therefore, this braces also helps in the balance of oral health , as we manage to eliminate all the  bacterial plate , preventing the proliferation of microorganisms that cause  cavities , gingivitis and other complications.

Comfortable Treatment:

Discomforts and injuries that occur mainly during the adaptation phase do not happen in treatment with the invisible braces. This is because the material with which it is made has no protruding parts and follows the shape of the dentition.

Therefore, its use is much more comfortable , without the risk of possible allergies, cuts or friction with components that make it difficult to move the mouth. Comfort is also felt when eating and brushing teeth , as we explained, bringing practicality to everyday life and routine actions.

Are there any downsides?

Despite the many advantages that the invisible braces offer, it also has some disadvantages. They need to be considered to analyze whether or not this braces is suitable for you and whether it meets your expectations and needs. See below for these points that require attention.


Although the invisible braces has many indications, it does have some limitations according to this trustworthy dentist in Pasadena. After all, there are orthodontic conditions that cannot be treated directly with it, as in the case of changes in the bite or when there is a need to gain space in the dental arch.

Cases like these usually have the treatment started with other braces, such as the expander, only to be able to use the invisible braces later. In any case, he alone would not be able to promote the necessary results.

This last aspect is not necessarily a disadvantage of the braces, but it requires attention because it can impair the treatment. When he is chosen, it is essential that the patient is dedicated and committed to the results.

You have seen that this braces can be removed from the mouth, but it is critical that it remains in use as directed by the orthodontist, or movements will not go as expected, results may be lost and treatment delayed.

Therefore, it is necessary for the patient to strictly follow the specialist’s recommendations and use the braces for as long as possible. Especially in the case of children and teenagers, who may forget to replace the braces or go without it when they are not being monitored.

What are the differences between invisible and transparent braces?

You have seen that the invisible braces can also be called transparent braces, however, there are other models of aesthetic braces that can also be classified in this way. This is what happens with the fixed sapphire braces. This braces has a structure very similar to that of traditional metal braces. 

teeth, but these braces are made of sapphire, a translucent mineral, so it is also called a transparent braces.

The difference between the sapphire braces and the invisible braces is in the structure, in the material with which they are made and in the way in which tooth movements are stimulated. In the case of the material, the sapphire braces is made from this mineral, while the invisible aligner is made from transparent acetate.

Regarding the structure, the aligner is similar to the trays used to make teeth whitening and the sapphire braces is similar to the traditional metal braces. In the case of dental movements, when replacing the aligners, the sapphire braces needs to undergo maintenance and adjustments to replace the parts.

Regarding the indications, as mentioned, there may be some limitations for the aligner, especially in more complex cases. The sapphire braces is able to respond to changes in the bite, so it can be a good alternative to start the treatment in a discreet way and then start using the aligner. However, this must be studied by the orthodontist.

What is the most suitable braces?

Knowing the orthodontic braces options is interesting so that you know that it is possible to make a more discreet, comfortable treatment according to your preferences. However, we cannot forget that each clear braces has its indications.

Therefore, the best braces is the one that will meet the needs of each clinical condition , that is, the one that will have greater efficiency to make orthodontic corrections. The choice needs to be made in conjunction with the orthodontist.

It takes into account the patient’s preferences so that the person has more self-esteem, well-being and quality of life while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

The braces options that can meet your condition will be presented, since the orthodontist needs that braces to act in a technical way in the correction of the smile.

How much does an invisible braces treatment cost?

It is important to understand that the costs involved in making dental corrections do not just refer to Invisible braces price in Pakistan . The budget involves the complete treatment, in which the braces is included, as well as all the procedures that will be performed.

This means that the budget varies greatly from one patient to another, as it all depends on the complexity of your case and on all the procedures and techniques that the orthodontist will need to apply to correct orthodontic problems.

How can Ensmile help?

A few years ago, the invisible braces made available in Brazil were imported brands. This meant that the treatment had a higher budget, as the clear braces was charged in dollars. Ensmile ran after to change this reality.

Today, those who want to use an invisible braces can find at Ensmile an option with cutting-edge technology and at a more affordable price.

In addition to making treatment with the invisible braces more accessible, Ensmile has a team of experienced orthodontists in the most different clinical conditions; in addition, it has units throughout Pakistan, so you can find high quality and humanized service wherever you are.

As with any orthodontic treatment, to use an invisible braces it is very important to look for a trusted dentist to make your evaluation. Count on the entire team at Ensmile to receive personalized service and professionals committed to your  oral health .

Don’t leave your smile and oral health care for tomorrow. Schedule an evaluation at the Ensmile unit closest to you and conquer the smile you want so much!

By Manali