Resume Templates are a ‘cookie-cutter approach for resume making and are very useful tools for beginner, novice, and seasoned resume makers alike.

Resume Templates essentially determine the visual representation of your resume. These are an excellent way to make multiple professional-looking targeted resumes quickly.

However, there are still some problems users may run into in using Resume Templates and their use. Resume Templates come in all different shapes in sizes from the most ‘traditional’ to the most creative, different Resume Templates work best in different industries.

In this article, we will be exploring “Why resume templates are an excellent tool for resume making”, as well as “Common Issues faced by users while making resumes using Resume Templates”. We will also be touching on “What steps users can take to avoid these issues, i.e using a Resume Builder, etc. 

Why are Resume Templates great for resume building?

It is fairly known that a good resume is a targeted resume. This simply means it is advised for potential employees to make a job-specific resume for each relative job opportunity. Now, this can be a really tiresome ordeal and can be very mentally draining and time-consuming. 

For this situation, Resume Templates are an excellent tool as they provide users with the overall structure of the resume and all they have to do is add the content and they’re done. 

Now, this may sound great and all but there are still a few issues with using Resume Templates that users should be aware of which brings us to…

Common Issues faced by users while making resumes using Resume Templates

As mentioned before Resume Templates come in all different shapes and sizes, however not all resume templates are the same when it comes to selection. 

Resume Templates can be categorized into 3:

Traditional: As the name suggests these are Templates that have been around the longest. These consist of all the relevant information employers expect to see on a resume, Work History, Skills, Education, etc. These work in traditional workplaces such as Accountancy firms or a Sales position in a company. 

Contemporary: Also called modern resume templates, these templates have a dynamic design that is supposed to catch the eye and reflect an individual’s vibrant personality. These will have a somewhat intricate design with initials and images (charts, tables). These work best in workplaces that require such a dynamic personality such as Marketing Firms and High-end law firms.

Creative: These are Resume Templates that have a quirky and zany design and are designed to show off an individual’s creative personality. Creative Resumes aren’t just limited to a document but can be in the shape of an infographic, video, or even an online presentation.

However, the downside of these is that most industries will not accept these as viable applications. Therefore, it is advised that they only be used for relative industries that appreciate creativity such as Video Gaming or Film Studios.

Now that we’ve gone over the types of resume templates we can safely determine that much like resumes themselves, resume templates are the same. 

Therefore, it is advised that users determine which resume template to use in accordance with the nature of the desired job.

Another problem with using a Resume Template is that if you’re downloading a Resume Template that you liked, it might not be ATS friendly. This means that even if you manage to create a professional-looking resume, if its structure is not in accordance with ATS principles then it will never be seen by human eyes making your entire effort futile.

This brings me to my last point…

What steps can you take to make sure you don’t make a mistake while picking out a resume template?

Now you can try and create an ATS Resume Template from scratch but there is an alternative. 

MyResumeLift’s Resume Builder offers its users multiple beautifully crafted Resume Templates with Traditional, Dynamic, and Creative Resume templates that users can pick and choose from as they please. 

MyResumeLift’s Resume Builder contains Resume Templates that are all ATS compatible, so users should not have any worries when it comes to the bots. 

The MyResumeLift Resume Builder not only provides users with professional-looking Resume Templates but also guides them in determining the content of their resume. Additionally, MyResumeLift also offers a Cover Letter builder that helps users create an amazing cover letter to go along with their ATS-friendly and Industry-specific, targeted resume.

By Manali