Those with diabetes should watch their blood sugar levels and feet because feet reflect their health. When the blood sugar levels in the body increase, it affects blood circulation. Decreased blood circulation wears off the nerve endings. It happens mainly in the feet because blood cannot flow to the tip of the toes and back up to the heart. People with nerve damage cannot feel any pain even when a cut or wound in the feet. Diabetic socks help to manage foot problems. Diabetics socks are for sale in many pharmacies and online stores.

Diabetic socks increase blood circulation and don’t irritate the feet. It is seamless and has no protruding threads that can rub against the skin. Friction is reduced, and the socks provide more comfort to the person wearing them. When the friction is low, blood circulation improves, and there is a reduced risk of wounds and blisters.

People with diabetes should keep their feet dry to prevent infections because moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Diabetic socks are made of moisture-wicking materials that help to keep feet dry.

Loose socks may cause friction by moving around. A snug-fitting diabetes sock reduces friction, and the compression helps to reduce swelling in the feet and legs. Compression applied by the socks squeezes the muscles gently and improves blood flow. Poor blood circulation causes swelling in the feet and legs.

Diabetes and foot care

Checking the feet every day is the first step in caring for them. People with diabetes should check their feet for bruises, cuts, redness, blisters, corns and change in nails and toes.

Feet must be kept clean by washing them well with warm water and soap. People with diabetes should not use hot water to wash their feet because it may damage the skin and cause further problems. They should dry their feet completely and apply a moisturiser only on the top part of the feet. Moisturiser is not to be used between the toes, leading to infection.

 Diabetic patients should never go barefoot. They should wear socks and shoes while walking to avoid injuries on their feet. They must check the shoes before wearing them as they should not have any pebbles or other objects inside them, which can irritate the feet.

People must cut the nails straight across carefully and file the edges. When nails are cut too short, it may cause ingrown toenails.

People should never try to treat corn and calluses by themselves. They may harm their feet by doing it, and over-the-counter products may burn the skin.

Importance of diabetic socks

Socks play a significant role in keeping feet healthy. Well-fitting and dry diabetic socks help to avoid problems in the feet. Diabetic socks have extra cushioning to protect the feet, and they wick moisture away from the skin.

Wear shoes that have good depth in the toe area and cover the top and bottom of the feet. It must not have seams that may irritate the feet. Orthotic footwear gives good protection and comfort.

People must quit smoking because the chemicals in cigarettes can damage and constrict the blood vessels. Smoking deprives the feet of oxygen-rich blood that can fight infections and keep feet healthy.

Podiatrists help people with diabetes to take care of their feet. It is best to visit a podiatrist at least once each year to keep feet healthy. Diabetic socks for sale are found at all times of the year, and people must buy them to safeguard their feet from conditions caused by diabetes. Wearing the right socks and shoes is crucial to managing diabetes. Healthy feet enable people to enjoy a happy and healthy life.

By Manali