Individuals planning a trip to Puerto Penasco should decide prior to arriving what activities they would like to take part in. With so many things to see and do, this makes it easier to prioritize the activities. The following are a few suggestions that should be considered. 

The Sea of Cortez

If a person loves the beach, the Sea of Cortez will delight them. Some people choose to stay at a hotel, but others decide to go for more luxurious accommodations. Regardless of where a person chooses to stay, they will find plenty of opportunities to swim, snorkel, kayak, fish, and more. Playa Bonita and Sandy Beach remain popular with tourists for this reason. Why not take advantage of rental units at Bella Sirena to ensure easy access to these fun activities and more? With many units to choose from, every traveler should be able to find one that meets their needs. 

Street Fairs

Americans know how easy it is to drop hundreds of dollars at a street fair in just a few hours, and that’s only for two people. The same cannot be said for street fairs in Rocky Point. Although street fairs may not be as big as those found in the United States, two people can have lots of fun, eat dinner, and ride rides all for around $25. In fact, a person might find they have tickets left over after hours of fun. In addition, this is a great way to learn more about the local culture, as residents love these street fairs as much as tourists do, if not more. 

The Mermaid’s Market

Spend time at the Mermaid’s Market and benefit local charities while getting some amazing things. This artisan street fair is held on the first and third Saturdays of each month from mid-October through April or May. Proceeds go to local charities benefiting moms and kids, so travelers can shop freely knowing they are making the area better for those who live there. In addition, this is a great way to pick up unique items that will bring back fond memories of an amazing trip. 

Banana Boat Rides

No trip to the area is complete without a banana boat ride. This inflatable boat holds up to eight people and is yellow. A motorized boat or jet ski pulls the inflatable boat around and tries to throw the riders off. That’s the point of the trip, and it is fun to see who can hang on and who doesn’t make it. The boat makes its way through the Sea of Cortez and will hurtle over waves or race through the surf. This inexpensive activity only lasts about ten minutes, but it is a fun ride that is very inexpensive. Those who manage to hang on receive bragging rights and will take full advantage of this. Planning a trip to Europe can get quite expensive, if you’re an Australian local, consider visiting the beautiful places here and hire a yacht in Whitsundays with Wings.

The Tequila Factory

Adults need to set aside time to visit the Tequila Factory. While at the factory, they learn about the history of this beverage and how it is made. In addition, visitors get to try six types of tequila, so bring along a designated driver. Nobody wants to haggle over a ticket while in Mexico, although some people find the amount of the ticket actually decreases when they do. It’s best to avoid having to take this step, though, so bring along someone who won’t drink. Flavored tequilas are available for tasting for those who want to branch out and see what their new favorite is. 

These are only a few of the fun activities those who visit Rocky Point and Puerto Penasco can take part in. Many other things can be selected to fill each day, including everything from horseback rides on the beach to buying fireworks. Once a person visits this beautiful area, they will want to visit the area again.

By Manali