The best winter cycling jackets protect you from wind and rain, so you can continue riding year-round.

A quality winter jacket combines thermal and fleecy fabrics with water-repellent coatings to make pre-ride wardrobe choices much easier. The jacket is waterproof and will protect you from rain showers.

You will need to layer up with a rain jacket or extra baselayer if you are going to be outside.

Although winter is not the most popular time of year to find a great deal, retailers are often offering insulated jackets as ‘loss leader’ products to help them get customers to their websites. Check out our January best bike sales hub page to find the best deals.

Here are some of our favorite and best winter cycling jacket and how they were rated. Most will have both male and female fit options. Don’t let this stop you from scrolling past a great option.

The Endura Windchill Jacket II

This jacket is a great example of how simple and effective a winter jacket can look. It is warm, even on a slow snowy ride, waterproof, and has practical features like the underarm venting. It would have been ideal to have a waterproof pouch for a mobile phone, but it is worth having a sealed bag on hand for any eventualities.

This jacket is perfect for anyone who needs warmth without being too tight. It can be worn over bulkier clothing for your commute home or layered with non-bike clothes.

Although it is difficult to compare the Assos Mille GT Ultraz Winter Jacket Evo and the Castelli Alpha RoS 2 light jackets, this jacket is a great option for those looking for a good winter cycling jacket at a reasonable price.

Rapha Pro Team Winter Jacket 

The Rapha Pro Team Winter Jacket is water-resistant. It performs well in a variety of temperatures. The sweet spot is around 5degC/41degF or slightly lower. However, it can keep us both warm across a variety of degrees depending on the base layer.

It is a great cut, and it doesn’t bunch when dropped. Although the sleeves will work well with gloves, they could be a bit more stretchy if you are a watch-wearer.

This jacket is highly practical and has plenty of storage.

This jacket is priced very well when compared to Assos Mille GT Ultraz Winter Jacket Evo. However, you will need to consider whether to purchase one of the most packable rain jackets available or go for the more expensive option.

This item comes in two sizes: men’s and ladies’. The women’s version goes under the UMA GT label.

 Assos Mile GT Ultraz Winter Jacket Evo

The Assos Mile GT Ultraz Winter jacket Evo is the best winter jacket. One of the most difficult. The jacket’s inner lining is soft and warm, providing instant warmth once you put it on.

These fabrics are a marvel of technology. It’s amazing to be able to create a weather barrier that is fully windproof, waterproof, and yet retains impressive breathability properties.

We tested the double cuff design at the arms and found it to be very effective. It eliminated the need for gloves under or over the jacket.

We would love to see weatherproofed rear pockets. A waterproof zipped pocket would be a great addition for valuable protection. Although it is one of our most expensive winter jackets, it is not as costly as the Endura Windchill II jacket. This jacket is the perfect winter cycling jacket for anyone who doesn’t want the weather to stop them from indoor cycling bike riding.

Dhb Aeron Lab Winter Polartec jacket

The dhb Aeron Lab Winter Polartec jacket is a great winter cycling jacket that can compete with more expensive models. It was warm and comfortable even down to freezing temperatures, according to our tests. 

Its warm, waffle-soft inner provides great warmth for temperatures below freezing. You can also wear it with a lighter base layer on milder days. It’s similar to the Castelli Alpha ROS 2 winter jacket in that it is a race-cut design, low weight, and low bulk. However, we would prefer a longer tail.

It is one of the most comfortable winter jackets available.

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By Manali