Have you just landed in Samoa and wondering which places you need to visit? Or are you getting ready to go on holiday soon and wondering which places are the best to visit? In Samoa, you get to experience the pure Polynesian culture, food that is cooked in earth ovens and on pristine beaches. You can travel both to the islands of Savaii and Upolu and enjoy stunning waterfalls, perfect beaches that are lined by beautiful palm trees, and lush rainforest.

Frequently, the most underappreciated locations appear to be the best. Samoa is one of those places that you would not think of first when planning a trip, but it’s a terrific place to visit. This Pacific Ocean beauty has it all for those seeking a tropical retreat. 

It is a natural wonder, and the people’s authentic way of life attracts an increasing number of visitors every year, hence why you ought to consider it as your next vacation destination. There are waterfalls, forests, volcanoes, and lava fields, and the primary allure of visiting Samoa is the customs and way of life, which are considerably more authentically preserved than on other adjacent islands.

Below are some of the best Samoa tourist spots 2022 that you should consider visiting.

1. Piula Cave Pool

Piula is one of the island’s most well-known natural pools. You can reach it by driving 16 kilometers north of Apia till you see signage for the Piula Theological College on Upolu Island. This pool was formed as a result of volcanic eruptions and is unquestionably one of the country’s highly popular bathing places. A swim in this body of water will rejuvenate your body and mind while also providing you with a unique tropical sensation.

2. Apia market

A couple of intriguing flea markets may be found in Samoa’s capital. The old Apia market, on the other hand, is worth a visit. It’s situated next to a waterfall and is a nice area to buy traditional items and souvenirs. For those interested in local foods, the Flea market is the place to go, and it’s a terrific opportunity to get a taste of the culture without spending big bucks.

3. Robert Louis Stevenson Museum

It’s easy to comprehend why the famed Scottish novelist chose to live out his days in Samoa. Its serenity and beauty were awe-inspiring, which is just another reason to visit Apia. You can discover more about the renowned author’s life by exploring this spectacular museum alone or with a guide.


Samoa is a land full of amazing places and to help you get started and plan your trip properly, the above are some of the top Samoa tourist locations to visit in 2022 that you should visit. Whether you are traveling alone, with workmates, or with family, there are endless places where you can visit in Samoa. Luckily, you will find accommodation at pocket-friendly costs while you are visiting those tourist spots.

By Manali