Besides being just plain cool, Monica Sneakers  provide many benefits and advantages to people of all ages. Consider the following top benefits of sneakers:

 Less risk for plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition in which your band of tissue running along the bottom of your foot becomes inflamed due to constant pressure from the weight you’re placing on it. Wenching up on a pair of sneakers can help relieve stress from this area and limit long-term pain.

 Less risk of arthritis.

A direct result of weighing less, Replica Jordans  are a popular choice for those looking to reduce the risks of arthritis. By minimizing the amount of weight bearing down on your knees and ankles, sneakers help keep people from developing joint injuries that can lead to arthritis.

Less risk for cancer and diabetes.

Replica Jordans are a great source of comfortable shoes to wear during exercise, which is one of the best steps you can take to prevent these two potentially deadly diseases. offers cheap Sneakers without compromising the quality.

 Safer in the workplace.

Earlier this year, a study found that men who wore sneakers had a lower chance of being injured at work compared to those who donned traditional dress shoes. A Harvard professor from Columbia University attributed this to the higher arch support and less bouncing of sneakers across surfaces, leading to fewer falls for their wearers.

Less back pain.

It is widely known that walking barefoot or wearing sandals puts your body in an unnatural position for many people. This often leads to back pain and attention deficit disorder. However, when you wear Monica Sneakers, your foot is held in a natural position which lowers the chances of back pain.

One of the most common symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease is difficulty walking since the disease tends to affect a person’s strength and balance. However, regular exercise—which many people find easier with their sneakers on—can help slow down this degenerative condition and improve one’s quality of life.

 Fewer feet problems from running.

Using sneakers for running can significantly reduce your risk of getting a plantar warts skin condition. Running sneakers are also popular with runners because they are thinner and more lightweight, which allows them to be used in a more excellent range of conditions.

 Greater productivity.

Children do better academically when parents encourage them to wear sneakers and sports gear to school over traditional dress shoes. This can be attributed to the fact that wearing sneakers gives kids more room to move and play around, which has been shown to increase their overall attention span.

Fewer injuries.

Children who wore sneakers had a 2.5-per cent lower injury rate than those who wore traditional dress shoes.


The bottom line is that sneakers are very beneficial to our bodies, from the head to the toes, and lessens the risk for many diseases we both know and haven’t even thought about.

By Manali