UAE is a very famous country when it comes to medical care. This is why you can see that most UAE residents prefer getting advanced medical treatments from other countries. Over the past few years, Azerbaijan has become a hot tourist spot for not only UAE residents but also other people across the globe. If you don’t know much about healthcare facilities in Azerbaijan then you can easily apply for the Azerbaijan e visa and visit the country yourself. The online Azerbaijan visa can be obtained in less than two days and the process takes hardly ten minutes. 

The Azerbaijan e visa facility can be availed not only by tourists but also for people who are seeking medical help at the best rates.

Healthcare facilities in Azerbaijan for UAE residents 

Here we have discussed some of the top medical facilities for UAE residents and also other tourists coming in Azerbaijan from different parts of the world having the visa Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan provides cheap medical insurance 

When you are applying for the Baku visa from the UAE you would have to pay for medical insurance as well. Medical insurance is a part of your visa so you can get the best healthcare in case of illness or an accident. It is likely that one can get sick in Azerbaijan because there are a lot of Malaria cases in the country. So it is best to get yourself insured. UAE residents who are traveling to Baku can get medical insurance at the lowest rates and avail the best treatments while on their stay. If you have a medical disease that you want to get diagnosed and treated then you can also book appointments with the best hospitals in Azerbaijan at the time you are applying for the Azerbaijan e visa.

Medical facilities in Azerbaijan are cheap

One of the most common reasons for why tourists apply for the Azerbaijan e visa is to get quick and cheap medical treatments. Here we are not talking about the state run hospitals of the country rather the private sector. Usually private hospitals are expensive especially in the UAE but in Azerbaijan you can find thousands of affordable private hospitals which can offer you the best surgical treatments. So if you have a pending surgery that you are not getting done just because of its cost then you can get the Azeri visa and get yourself treated at the lowest fee.

Free ambulance and first aid facilities 

In case you get into an accident or get ill then you can call for an ambulance in Baku by using the international ambulance SOS facility. You can get the ambulance facility free, they will take you to the best state owned hospital. If you get into an accident while you are on your Azerbaijan e visa then you would also get the free first aid treatment.

The Azerbaijan online visa can be applied for by people of all ages in the UAE. Just know that this visa is valid for only a month after which you need to apply for an extension!

By Manali