NCERT class 12 biology exemplar turns out to be a vital source for all students who are preparing for their CBSE exams. It is of immense help when you are preparing for AIIMS, JEE exams etc. In NCERT exemplar class 12 biology detailed explanations to all the questions are provided coupled with the extra questions and answers designed by the subject matter experts.

All the questions are available in PDF format, and consists of fill in the blanks, MCQs, true or false, match the following, diagrams, important tables etc. When students practice these questions they get an idea to solve different time of questions, become familiar with the templates and explain the important diagrams properly.

More about NCERT class 12 exemplar

The course material is designed by subject matter experts who have gone on to include all the important points and questions. It provides an accurate idea to the students about the pattern of question paper and how to manage it in an effective manner. A series of efforts leads to secure higher marks whereby you do gain a deeper insight into the subject. So as to obtain an idea of the same students can visit websites and click on the links that will enable them to download class 12 exemplar biology solutions.

From the starting phase, it is necessary for the students to understand in details about these chapters. This will enable them to score well in class 12 exams. Expert faculty who are known to have a vast knowledge of this subject design the material. Every solution is known to depict a pictorial presentation that will enable the students to understand the concept properly.  Once you use the solutions on a regular basis, it becomes easy for a student to grasp the complex subjects that holds relevance from an exam point of view.

The benefits of NCERT exemplar books

First and foremost complex topics are understood in an easy manner. Experts have gone on to undertake a comprehensive research on each topic, that will provide authentic information to the students. The designing of the books takes place in such a manner so as to comply with the needs of every student. Class 12 exemplar biology solutions  provides a comprehensive understanding to the student on every topic. Each and every topic that is part of the book is covered in a detailed manner. By studying the NCERT books any form of doubts that you are having will be cleared in a meticulous manner, by understanding the complex topics and subjects.

Secondly it is known to strict follow the CBSE curriculum. It could be one of the main reasons why CBSE books are of great use to the students. Since these books are known to adhere strictly to the CBSE curriculum, since the material will cover the base not only for the board exams but even when it comes to the competitive exams. These books enables you to prepare for these exams and it is something that is being set according to the prescribed syllabus.

If you happen to go through the CBSE question papers most of the questions that you come across are modelled on the NCERT books. On getting into details if you check out the Maths paper which is the toughest in the last couple of years most of the questions are asked from exemplar books. Sometimes CBSE tweak the questions that are put forth in the NCERT books. The students who simply go through the NCERT books claim that the question paper is not in syllabus. But if you go through the exemplar books such a situation is not going to arise. it is really important that you go through the concepts properly so that the questions that is asked is never out of syllabus. Infinity learn is the platform where you can obtain information about the same.

No matter how much you are working on a topic you will not be able to succeed till you have relevant practice on the topic. Once you go through the NCERT books you will come across a set of questions at the end of the chapter. They can be various types of questions and you can answer them based on the knowledge about a given topic. It is really important that you practice these questions in a proper way.

Comprehending subjects is an important aspect of learning. There is another aspect to it as student needs to recall what they have learned. At this point practice comes in where you need to gain proficiency over anything. NCERT exemplar is a vital tool that enables students to practice and interpret the concepts effectively. It contains questions from every part of the chapter as it covers every aspect of a topic. By practicing these questions it is a sure shot way of scoring big in the exams

By Manali