We all dream of having something of our own. Being an entrepreneur and starting a business outside your own country is not at all easy. Lots of hard work and patience are required to get established in the industry.

Here is a start-up story of a student named Sid Sethi, who went to Manchester to complete his education. The night before his exam, he broke his glasses and was having difficulty seeing things.

He then went to stores to buy glasses, shocked to see such a high price. When he went to the stores, he was not allowed to try many glasses but chose among very few glasses. But as he needed the glasses, he bought a pair of glasses from a store and decided to become an entrepreneur and help people with glasses, and then his company Specscart was born.

The story of specscart

Specscart, a British start-up, was born at the University of Manchester in 2017. Its first was in a very small place in a mall in Manchester, Walkden. It was on the ground floor of the shopping mall. Opening a store was not all easy. It required hard work, struggle, and patience to get its first customer and then move on with the next step.

Sid went to different stores, had word with the store managers, opticians to know the answers to his questions. He even visited factories of the countries, went to different countries to see and know about the glasses requirement. This he did for a long time to get established in the market.

From 2017, Specscart began his journey and has come a long way. Starting with a very small team with few members, Specscart now has a great and strong team with which it has achieved a great height. Lots of hard work of many people are behind this achievement of Specscart. In 2018, Specscart received the Alber Gubay award and a cash prize. Later in the same year, it opened its second store in Bury. Slowly and steadily Specscart has entered the eyewear industry and is trying to help people with glasses.

In 2021, the Walkden store is shifted to the upper floor of the same shopping mall with 4 times larger space. People are loving the company and it is trying to help people with its best possible services. One can visit the website page and can get 10% off on glasses with the “SPECSCART10” coupon code. People can find a huge collection of glasses and sunglasses in their store and on their website. Buying designer glasses online can be the best option for one who’s a fashion lover yet busy with work.

Specscart motive

Sid thought of the common people before entering the market. He wanted to solve the glasses’ problem of the people. He thought that if one can have 2 pairs at the price of 1 then why not buy two pairs. This has made it easy for people to buy glasses on a pocket-friendly budget.

Their tagline “A-Frame for Every Game” is of real worth. With its vast and unique collection, Specscart has been able to change people’s thinking of buying more than one pair of glasses. It provides frames for every mood and occasion so that people can style up with their favourite pair of glasses.

Getting established in a market is always a motive for an entrepreneur. But compromising with the quality is not appreciated. Specscart believes in quality over quantity. Specscart has never compromised with its quality. Its motive is also to satisfy its customers with its services. The only company in the UK which provides next-day glasses as it understands the need for the ones who are in need.

Specscart also provides free home trial services so that people should get a chance to choose their favourite frames before buying and can try them out. It also provided free shipping all over the country. With experiences and love, it is growing from a small start-up with nothing to a company which people are loving and trusting in the case of buying glasses.

Specscart’s new venture

Since people are fashion lovers and love to style up differently, Specscart offers them various glasses collections. One will find a huge collection of glasses on their website and in stores. Starting from aviator glasses, round glasses, oversized glasses, to prescription sports glasses it has various options to choose from.

With all the love and support of people, it is going to open its 3rd store at Urmston very soon. Unlike other launches, this time also it is going to be a great launch with more exciting offers and surprises for the people of Urmston. People can check out their social media platforms and their website for more information and the latest collection they are having. 

By Manali