The world has become more and more tech-savvy over the past few decades and Australia is right up there with the other countries in the modern world. All sorts of tech jobs will be coming into play over the futures decades with more and more industries relying on technology, some of which are on the horizon and some that have not even been envisioned or invented yet. 

Australia is a country that, going forward, will rely on the skills of people who are involved with and have intricate knowledge of tech and tech-related devices in general.

This requires the current Australian government and the shadow government to put a lot of forward-thinking into their promises. Technology changes quickly and it is important for the Australian leaders to be knowledgeable of that fact. 

1.2 million tech jobs over the next 10 years might sound like a big stretch but there will be plenty of room to accommodate this promise, especially as technology progresses, which is the main part of it. Although it is hard to predict how technology will progress in the coming decades, it is essentially up to the leaders to be able to make the correct decisions that will see Australia further prosper and be known as a strong and successful nation.

With the Federal Election 2022 odds currently favoring the Australian Labor Party, it is imperative for them to keep the momentum going. That is why this pledge is important for Australians to see that the promise is kept. Labor party leader Anthony Albanese is vying for the position of Prime Minister and if he wants to get that position, his party’s promises must be not only desirable for the Australian people but must be kept if the Labor party earns governing power over the country. Of course, not all of the promises will be kept. This is a given with politicians, but that doesn’t mean the party and its leader shouldn’t strive to keep as many promises as possible.

On the other side of the aisle, current Prime Minister Scott Morrison has made his own pledge to build a facility in Melbourne that will make the mRNA vaccine in a joint deal with Moderna. This will obviously create many jobs in a lot of different industries over the coming years. This pledge may not help get Scott Morrison over the line in the next federal election, however, seeing that the Labor party has seen a surge in support in most states over the past couple of years, anything that can benefit in raising the public opinion of and support for the Liberal party will help. 

If Anthony Albanese can make his promise a reality, then he will see greater success in the future if he gets voted in. Combined with other promises being kept, he could be in for a successful career, enhancing the public trust in the Labor party which will instill a sense of ease for Australians. If Albanese and the party tank on the promises, however, it will place more distrust in politicians by the Australian people than they already have. 

Only time will tell if any of these promises will come to fruition, but for Australia to remain prosperous, the leaders of this country must respect the wants and needs of the Australian people going forward. They need to learn from past mistakes and misgivings to be able to govern justly and fairly.

By Manali