Training your dog should be as fun and relaxing as the rest of the time you spend together. All you need to do is set simple goals, set a training routine, and exercise lots of patience. If you do not have the time to train your dog or would rather place your trust in professionals, they are located in Summerville

This article will list essential commands that are great to begin your training. It is recommended to teach a command at a time and not to move to the next one until your pet has fully mastered the first.

Name Recognition:

A big part of training your dog is getting their undivided attention. Every dog should be able to recognize its name and respond by eye contact and focus. Professional trainers use a technique called the name game when training their dogs to recognize and respond to their names. 

When training name recognition at home, you can also use the name game or a tasty treat. It is advisable to use treats that your pet doesn’t get every day, like skinless roast turkey or chicken. Hold the snack at the dog’s eye level, call out their name and say look at me. Next, raise the treat to your eye level and repeat the phrase, maintain eye contact for a few seconds and then hand over the treat. Repeat this exercise until your dog responds, even when you do not have a treat. 


“Sit” is an equally important concept that is quite easy for your dog to learn. Most dogs master the sit command within a few training sessions. Pet owners are encouraged to begin with simple commands like sit before progressing to more complex ones like roll over. Professional trainers begin by ensuring your dog understands the behavior required before training them to respond to the command.


Training your dog to get down and stay is essential to helping pet owners control their dogs. The down position helps your dog calm down and keep their impulses under control. A lure technique is used similar to that in the sit command. When your dog is in a sit position, hold a treat in front of their nose but out of reach. Lower the snack downward in front of the dog, so it follows it with its nose until they are lying down. Reward your dog with a treat and say good once they are fully down. 


Dogs that have learnt the heel command are well trained to walk on a loose leash without being a hazard. No one wants their dog dragging them along. Professional trainers use a two-part technique to train the heel command. First, your dog is trained to walk on a leash. Next, a reward system is incorporated to discourage behaviors like sniffing the ground and jumping. Professionals ensure that your dog understands what is permissible on walks and what is not. 


Your dog needs to come to you every time you call them. Dog trainers lay a foundation for the come command by playing memory games that familiarize your dog with the command and corresponding behavior. Next, your dog is trained to obey the command in new and distracting environments. A training collar may or may not be used, depending on your preferences. The objective is to guarantee that your dog comes immediately whenever called. Come commands are often challenging for pet owners trying to train their dogs at home. 


Most pet owners have not heard of place bed training. It is an important command whereby your dog is sent to a raised bed and is trained to stay there calmly until released. Your dog is allowed to stand, sit or lay but not get off the bed. This command allows pet owners the luxury of hitting a pause button and sending their pets in a calm state even when surrounded by stimulating events. This command focuses on shaping and conditioning your pet’s behavior. 

Leave It

Pet owners must find a way to discourage their dogs from not doing things they should not have. The leave it commands is taught using a combination of avoidance and impulse control. Professional dog trainers will ensure that when you tell your dog to leave an enticing item during a walk, it complies immediately. Leave it is taught using a rewards system that encourages your pet every time they follow the command.

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By Manali