Vape pods are becoming popular in the vaping industry due to their flexibility and convenience. They are currently amongst the top-selling vaping devices, and their popularity has been boosted by the increase in the number of vapers. Speaking of which, they have also boosted the popularity of vaping due to their simplicity and user-friendliness, making them popular amongst amateur vapers. 

As they become popular, more people show interest in owning some of them hence the need for more information about the pod. Learning more about vape pods is critical for vaping because you need the knowledge to fix minor issues or understand how to use them. 

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How do vape pods work 

Vape pods hold the e-juice in a pod that also contains the coil and the wick. They differ from other vaping kits that hold vape juice in a tank. They are commonly referred to as all-in-one vaping kits because they include all the essential elements needed to vape in the cartridge; this consists of a built-in wick, coil, and e-juice. They work similarly to the vape pens by heating the liquid to generate the vapor. 

Why use vape pods 

Dealing with the addiction 

Vape pods have a series of benefits to all vapers, including switching from traditional systems to vaping. They help the nicotine addicts tame the addiction and reduce the risks associated with conventional systems. The pods can contain high or low synthetic nicotine e-juice concentration to help you deal with nicotine cravings. Studies also indicate that the probability of getting addicted to vape pods is minimal.  

Reduced vaping problems 

Most vape devices face various challenges such as battery outage, coil issues, and leaking. The pods solve one of the most significant vaping problems (leaking). The pods come with a disposable cartridge which minimizes the chances of device leakages. 

Powerful and smooth hits 

The pods are suitable for both amateurs and pros. Vape pods can contain nicotine concentrations between 25mg to 50mg nicotine which generates the powerful throat hits needed by some vapers, such as the pros. They can also include e-juices with concentrations between 3mg and 6mg to generate smooth throat hits amateurs need. This feature makes them one of the most reliable, convenient, and flexible vaping devices.  

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Challenges of vape pods 

Vape pods are some of the best vaping devices in the market; however, they have a few drawbacks. The first challenge is with the battery. Compared to a regular box mod, vape pods require frequent charging but have a battery life to satisfy your vaping needs before you think of a recharge. They also have a micro-USB technology which makes charging easy even when traveling. 

Some vapers raise issues about the e-juice level; sometimes, it may not be sufficient for a satisfactory round of vaping, especially for vape enthusiasts. The pod systems are designed to contain various capacities of e-liquid; hence you can buy some with a larger capacity in case you need long-duration vaping. 

Are vape pods suitable for me? 

Different vaping kits are created for all vapers; there are devices designed for pros and amateurs. However, vape pods are made to meet the needs of all vapers.  

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Vape pods for beginners 

Vape pods are convenient if you are new to vaping since you do not have to deal with vape kit issues such as refilling, fixing leakages, and replacing the coil. All you have to do is replace the pod and continue vaping. They are also excellent in providing the experience you need to transition to other vape devices created for pros.  

Pro vapers 

Pros are always in need of powerful throat hits; the pods are designed to contain various nicotine concentration levels. This makes it suitable for vapers in need of higher nicotine concentration to generate powerful throat hits. Pros can use it as a complementary device while charging other vaping kits. Or you can use it as the central vaping system. Either way, it meets your needs without disappointment.  

Open pod systems vs. closed pod systems 

Vapers have the option of choosing between open and closed vape pod systems. The decision depends on one’s preferences. 

Open pod systems 

The vaper has the responsibility of refilling these pod systems manually. You unscrew the device and open the top to fill the pod manually using a syringe or a dropper. The refilling mode depends on the pod type; for some, you do not need a dropper or a syringe.  Sometimes they can be challenging to use since you have to ensure the juice is completely over in the pod before switching to a different flavor. 

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Closed pod system 

The vaper cannot refill the pod with their favorite e-juices. They come with a pre-filled cartridge, and when the juice is over, you remove the cartridge and replace it with another. You can also replace the cartridge when you want to change the flavor. It gives you the option to replace the cartridge even when the e-juice is not depleted.  


Knowledge about vape pods is critical for selecting the proper devices depending on your needs. You can either choose an open or closed system to enjoy the benefits of quitting the conventional system’s addiction and the powerful or smooth throat hits.  

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