How much do you know about wood-plastic composites? These include commonly used wood plastic composite products such as composite fencing, WPC wall cladding, composite deck tiles, and so on. Although different types of products are used for different purposes, the same raw materials decide them the same characteristics. This article will introduce wood plastic composite fencing from several aspects, hope to provide you with some references.

The role of composite fencing

In order to meet different needs, a variety of different fencing materials came into being. However, a good fence can achieve multiple functions at the same time. Wood-plastic composite fence can meet multiple needs at the same time.

It can protect the privacy space in the yard. At the same time, it has the effect of sound insulation, effectively reducing the outside noise. It can also achieve the role of beautifying the garden.

The style of composite fencing

Wood-plastic composite fence is available in a variety of designs, colors, styles, and installation methods.

Cost-effectiveness of composite fencing

The initial cost of WPC fencing can range from $25 per foot upwards. Specific prices will vary by manufacturer. The price of WPC fencing is similar to that of metal fencing and higher than plastic and wood fencing.

However, wood-plastic composite fencing is more recyclable than plastic fencing and more durable than wood fencing. The composite fencing has a higher cost performance.

The difficulty of installing a composite fencing

The wood-plastic composite fence has a complete installation system, which is easy to install correctly and keep stable.

Weather resistance of wood-plastic composite fence

Wood-plastic composite material has a strong performance of waterproof, moistureproof, fireproof, and insectproof. Not only WPC fences but also other types of WPC products have these excellent properties.

The service life of the wood plastic composite fence

A wood-plastic composite fence can usually last for more than 20 years. And in the process does not require regular maintenance, and not require annual painting and staining, etc., like wood fences.

Maintenance cost of wood plastic composite fence

Unlike traditional wood fences, composite fences require little maintenance after installation and do not require the expense of post-maintenance. If your yard needs a fence for a long time and you don’t plan to spend too much time maintaining it, then WPC fencing is the ideal choice. Wood-plastic composite fences are popular because of their lower maintenance requirements. However, in some cases, since wood-plastic composite fences are generally more expensive than vinyl fencing, some people prefer to go with vinyl fences as it is a much stronger option than wood. To know more about the different options for fencing, you can visit the website of Timber Ridge Fence Company.

By Manali