The fact that Punjabi is the second official language of Canada, we can understand the strength of the Sikh community there. And such power comes when there is the majority of any community. Having a huge presence of Indians in Canada makes the country one of the most sought-after nations to pursue higher studies or settle there. If you are someone who is looking to pursue higher studies in Canada then this article is for you. Here you will learn how you can apply for the colleges, what is the cost of living, what is the cost of education, what is the life of a student there, etc.

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So how can a student apply for higher education there?

If you have decided on the course you want to pursue in Canada, you need to find the colleges that match your needs and budget. It is advisable to consult the study abroad consultants and visit education fairs that are being conducted across the country. You will understand the difference between colleges and you will decide the best college for you. Mostly the consultant does not charge anything as they have tie-ups with the institutions in Canada.

Procuring necessary documents and completing immigration formalities

Once you have decided on a course and college, it’s time to organize all the documents. If you are a student of GTU, you will need a GTU transcript, medium of instruction certificate, IELTS/TOEFL score, etc. Apply for admission with these documents. When admission is confirmed, plan for travel, student visa, document attestations, etc.

The approx. cost required in this process are as follows:

Cost of Education ConsultationNil
MoI, Transcript service, Attestation~ 10,000 INR
Student VISACAD 150
Flight~ 100,000 INR
Other misc. charges~ 5,000 INR

College-related fees

Once you reach you have to bear the cost of education. Depending upon your college and the course you are pursuing, the cost will differ. There will be other charges like admission fee, books, registration fee, alumni fee, and other charges that colleges that can apply.

Consider the following as approximate charges for various things

Undergraduate courseCAD 13,000 – CAD 20,000
Postgraduate courseCAD 17,000 – CAD 25,000
MBACAD 30,000 – CAD 40,000
PhDCAD 7000 – CAD 15000

Books can cost you around CAD 300 – CAD 500. You can consider taking library membership if you read lots of books for understanding concepts.

Accommodation and stay

Many students are concerned about the cost of living before they plan to go abroad. Obviously, the cost of living in Canada is more than in India but if you manage well, it won’t cost much. Let’s see the break-up of these costs.

In campus hostels (annually)CAD 8,000 – CAD 10,000
Shared apartments (monthly)CAD 400 – CAD 700
Homestay with local family (monthly)CAD 500 – CAD 1000

A big advantage of staying with a local family is you will be able to experience and live their culture closely. And it is definitely worth the cost you pay where you get to stay with a local family, pay for the meals they provide, experience festivities with them, etc.

Other Living expenses

When you stay in a foreign land, you need to manage a lot of other expenses as well such as commuting, dining out, social activities, medical expenses, etc. Considering all expenses apart from college fees, stay, and food, a student spends an average of CAD 15,000 a year.

How to reduce the cost of living abroad?

·   Work part or full time

The Canadian government allows international students with SIN numbers to work 20 hours a week during academic times and full-time during vacations. You can earn depending upon the type of work you do. But remember this earning will be taxable.

·   Scholarship

There are many scholarships available for international students. Check for various scholarships you are eligible for.


Yes, the cost of education is high abroad, but we must not exclude the return on investment that a student will get after studying in foreign universities. If a student manages his expenses well, then education will be cost-effective. So what are you waiting for? Apply for the college you want to study in. And we will help you with your medium of instruction certificate, GTU transcript, certificate attestations, etc. Contact transcript service provider now.

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