College is always a beautiful space to create memories. You can never predict a day at college. You intend to go and learn and make new friends and graduate. However, there’s so much more to it, including dressing up daily. Some days are fun, some are tiring, and some are even worse with an exam planned, but one can choose to prepare. There’s always a handful of necessities required to take on each day, no matter the type of day that you want with you. So let’s look at 7 Types Of Colourful and Fashionable Backpacks To Complete Your College Outfits.

  1. Printed Fun

Some colleges have a strict dress code, and it’s not easy to keep up with any print. Go for this stylish All-Over Print backpack that has you covered for both style and flair. It has an added side mesh pocket to slip in the last-minute things while you’re on your way out to college. Any excess strain on your back is covered with a thoughtful padded back panel. Further, it has a two-way zip opening into the main compartment and a zip opening into the front pocket. 100% Polyester means it’s durable, lightweight, and wrinkle resistant, which lets you be on the go whenever.

  1. Unisex Calling with a Deck Style

This one’s perfect for a boy, girl – either situation. Go for that ultra-defined with this deck style. Modern detailing that includes two horizontal webbing straps with hook-and-loop closure across the front completes this tech-inspired do-up. Storage options are a variety to choose from; that can be a main compartment with a pocket in the front that’s zipped, side mesh pockets, and an internal laptop slot. This will ensure you are in charge of arranging everything you want to carry with you. 

  1. Bring Back Your Childhood

Yes, you’re off to college, and you aren’t studying rhymes anymore. However, if you still enjoy Batman, there’s no harm. This new collection focuses completely on the latest film, The Batman. Choose from a variety of moody colours, dramatic design elements, and graphics. This backpack has an area for a laptop, is spacious, and has webbing straps for more carrying capacity. Further, it also has a bat graphic for that sleek, mysterious and dramatic Batman look.

  1. Miniature Fashion

Be a showstopper with this lightweight, travel-friendly fashion statement. Maybe it’s a day off at college or some special occasion, and you don’t need any heavy books or stationery supplies with you. You can be carefree and carry just the mini essentials with this go-to mini backpack. 

It has a slip-in pocket on the inside and comes with fully detachable and adjustable webbing shoulder straps. This stylish backpack is a must in your wardrobe for every classy occasion.

  1. Back to Basics with the Core

The Core Up collection stands out undoubtedly with urban excellence with its smooth fabric and sleek silhouettes that catch an eye. If you want to opt for a modern and sophisticated look, this one is a must-have choice. It has great features like adjustable shoulder straps with plenty of pockets for storage. Additionally, it has metal hardware and metallic branding, which bring out the modern ethnicity to both the backpack and your style statement.

  1. Ferrari Twist

Be carefree and bold when telling the world your passion for a daring sport. Our Scuderia Ferrari line of motorsport essentials is a must-have for all the racing thrills. This collection is the absolute option to carry your love for team red with you all day wherever you go. The features include a classic backpack silhouette, multiple compartments, and pockets. Additionally, it has amazing Scuderia Ferrari accents that make you want to take one more look.

  1. Sleek and Compact

Modern engineered design with the help of top-notch materials helps create the individual RISE collection. This one is a dasher with its smooth and compact design. The graphics and bold branding are way too cool. It also features adjustable straps for you to be comfortable all day and plenty of pockets despite the compact design. All sports lovers must-have this one to carry for a good game or if you’re seriously out to the grounds for practice.

So that’s a wrap on the list of colourful and fashionable backpacks you should consider to complete your college outfits. Got a  busy schedule, then opt to always check out the latest collection to buy backpacks online. Choose to stay stylish and trendy in college but always choose a bag that meets your requirements. Make sure it’s your style and spacious to carry all your little necessities. Ensure to pick one that’s sturdy and durable, which gives you the added benefit of making a backpack a go-to favourite no matter the occasion. A backpack is a must-have and one that must be chosen with time and patience.

By Manali