A modern person can move between countries that may be on different continents. To do this, it is enough to use the services of a proven air carrier, which can offer favorable rates and quality service. At the same time, flights remain quite a stressful situation, especially for those categories of citizens who are afraid to fly. For this reason, it’s best to follow some simple rules so you don’t get into an awkward situation while at the airport or going through security onboarding.

Do not put documents in a small bag

There is an opinion that it is better to store the most necessary things separately, for example, in a small bag, so that they are always at hand. At the same time, keep in mind that a large amount of luggage makes it difficult to control each next bag. As a result, there is a danger that the bag will remain in a cafe or a waiting room, and its owner will go on a trip. It is better to keep your passport and other documents important during boarding in the pockets of your clothes, just like money. The latter are also recommended to be divided into several parts and stored in different places.

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Find out in advance how to get to the airport

Another common mistake is not doing a thorough itinerary while the tourist is at home. Having planned the day of departure, you can rationally use the available time and go to the airport without panic, choosing the most suitable mode of transport for this:

  • taxi;
  • bus;
  • electric train.

Transport networks of modern cities often have aero express trains that move at any time of the day. It is worth using their services as an alternative to traditional modes of transport, especially if it is not possible to wait several hours for the resumption of taxi traffic. When traveling to another city, it will be useful to know the number of taxi services.

Always be careful about timing

There is an unspoken rule according to which you should go to the airport 3 hours before departure. The screening process begins 1.5 hours before departure, so taking into account travel time, the waiting period will be short. Naturally, if travelers are staying near the airport, they can leave the apartment 2 hours before departure. People who are used to doing everything at the last moment or do not like to wait are always at risk of being late. If a person has problems with time management, then there are special applications for organizing a flight for them.

Be sure to register for the flight online

Online registration today exists in a variety of areas, so an adult may already have experience working with it. At the same time, for beginners, the registration procedure via a smartphone will not create any difficulties. The big advantage is that users can get additional bonuses for registering online. The carrier sees that the passenger checked-in in advance and is ready to fly, so they can offer a free drink or earn miles. Some carriers, such as Wizzair, charge an additional airport check-in fee.

By Manali