These are some tips to keep you safe during the rainy season ahead. 

Try Not To Go Near Or Touch Electric Wires

Avoid fallen electric wires when it’s raining. Falling trees might bring down electric poles with them. One of the main security tips for the stormy season is to avoid electric wires⁠ at all costs, particularly the ones that have either tumbled from an immense downpour or are hanging unstably from the poles, going to tumble off.

Try Not To Go For A Walk While It’s Raining

Strolling in water can cause fungal or bacterial diseases. The chance to go out in the rain to walk or hop in a puddle might appear to be fun. These pools of water out in the rain may appear to be clean but they’re stuffed with colonies of microscopic organisms, which can prompt various fungal infections and viral illnesses. Individuals suffering from diabetes are at a significantly greater risk than others.

Avoid Mosquitos

Take all the necessary precautions against mosquitos. Mosquito coils are very effective in keeping these insects away from your home. As far as safety precautions in the rainy season are concerned, being safe from mosquito bites tops the list. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in pools of stale water, consequently making rainstorms the ideal rearing season for these annoying bugs. You should consider burning mosquito oils or utilizing electronic mosquito coils to keep the bugs under control. Bug repellent lotions and sprays can likewise do some incredible things, completely ensure you don’t

 breathe in it.

Make Sure You Shut Your Windows Properly

Guarantee that every one of your windows is firmly shut while it’s pouring outside. This security tip for the rainy season should be obvious. Aside from ensuring mosquitoes and different bugs don’t attack your space during the rainstorm season, you likewise need to ensure your windows can be shut all the down to keep water from entering your home during heavy rains. Also, make sure if you need any roofing repair or waterproofing

Drive Carefully And Slowly

Try not to speed and drive very close behind vehicles. Traffic accidents are very normal during the rainstorm season, which is the reason drivers need to be extra careful in this climate. Since wet roads can turn out to be somewhat tricky, it is encouraged to abstain from speeding and closely following (intently following the vehicle before you). If the vehicle behind you is closely following, ensure that there is some distance between the two. Try not to make any abrupt turns too.

Turn Off All The Electrical Appliances

One of the top electrical safety tips during the rainy season, aside from not contacting electrical wires, is to turn off electronic equipment during Heavy downpours. The explanation for this is load shedding and voltage fluctuation. A fluctuation of high or low voltage might wreck your costly machines. Fixing them would put a strain on your wallet. Besides, assuming your wiring gets wet because of humidity in the climate or water, it very well may be hazardous for anybody to contact these apparatuses.


By Manali