6 Reasons to Use HBOT If You Have Migraines

A migraine disrupts your daily routine by causing severe pains and other adverse effects like blurred vision and nausea. People suffering from migraines often rely on pain relief medications and methods to ease the symptoms, but often times they will not work for everyone. When you use regular pain medication, it could possibly trigger migraine rebounds and cause more pain. Hyperbaric chamber therapy has proved more reliable than most therapies in managing migraines.

Hyperbaric chamber therapy aims to reduce or eliminate symptoms and reduce their frequency of occurrence without the use of prescription drugs. For this treatment, you get into a special chamber where you will breathe 100% pure oxygen. This is a safe option for managing migraines and has limited adverse side effects.

Below are some of the benefits of hyperbaric therapy.

  1. Provides Pain Relief

When you experience chronic migraines, a non-intrusive pain reduction method like HBOT is a good option for many people. Consult with your doctor to find out if HBOT is right for you. Hyperbaric chamber therapy helps to reduce symptoms of migraines such as nausea, chills, dizziness, loss of appetite, and tingling sensations. Fatigue, weakness, sweating, and the inability to concentrate are other symptoms it may reduce.

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The treatment targets the nerves responsible for reducing pain in the body. To reduce migraine symptoms, you need about 20 to 80 treatment sessions. Frequent hyperbaric therapy sessions may help to reduce the recurrence of migraine. The relief you get from hyperbaric therapy lasts longer than pain relief medication.

When you use painkillers frequently, it causes liver damage, kidney problems, and stomach ulcers. Hyperbaric therapy provides a safe way to improve the symptoms of migraine.

  1. Reduces the Chances of Recurrent Migraine Attacks

During hyperbaric therapy, a regular supply of pure oxygen is released into the blood. This treatment delivers oxygen directly to the brain, which helps to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks. The therapy regenerates damaged cells and nerves in the brain. If the rate of cell regeneration is higher than cell degeneration, the recurrence of migraines reduces.

  1. Promotes Blood Flow

When there is a constriction within the blood vessels, oxygen does not get to reach some of the blood cells in your body. This may lead to the blood cells dying. HBOT therapy creates new vessels, giving you a healthy blood flow. This enables your body to heal and regenerate the cells. Easy blood flow helps remove harmful and foreign microorganisms from your body.

To get the best out of a hyperbaric therapy session, you have to go through the following:

  • Placement in a hyperbaric chamber. You are given one hundred percent oxygen at a high room or normal sea level pressure.
  • Provision of pure oxygen directly into the hyperbaric chamber. Inhaling 100 percent ensures that you get 20 times more oxygen. Swift provision of oxygen helps to reduce long-term tissue damage.
  1. Has Limited Adverse Effects on the Body

Unlike pills and medication, hyperbaric chamber therapy is safe and has little side effects and drug interactions. The regular use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and steroids causes health issues like:

  • Liver failure. Continuous use of painkillers disrupts the normal functions of the liver. When there are disruptions in the liver functions, liver failure sets in.
  • Stomach ache. Long-term use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and steroids causes bloating, indigestion, diarrhea, and nausea. It also erodes the lining of the stomach and causes ulcers.
  • Internal bleeding. The presence of ulcers causes internal bleeding and anemia. So, it is not advisable to rely on prescription medication as a solution to migraine and chronic headaches.
  1. Decreases Tissue Inflammation

Migraines are caused by neuroinflammation. It is when the swelling reduces that migraine pain becomes bearable.

Hyperbaric therapy using chambers reduces internal inflammation. Introducing 100 percent pure oxygen to the bloodstream increases brain function. It increases the natural healing process of the body.

  1. Increases Oxygen Levels in the Body

During a migraine attack, oxygen levels reduce in the body. The brain tries to compensate for this by using the oxygen in hemoglobin. This process causes tissue damage. The symptoms that occur when the oxygen level in the body drops include blurry vision and lightheadedness. A migraine results in tissue damage and releases harmful radicals into the bloodstream.

Inhaling pure oxygen during hyperbaric therapy helps to reduce the number of free radicals in the body. It triggers the immune system to rid itself of the danger, which increases oxygen flow. This therapy delivers oxygen to brain parts to reduce tissue damage that results from oxygen shortages in the brain. The oxygen can help restore the brain’s functions and reduces nerve damage.

Try HBOT As an Alternative Pain Relief

HBOT is a safe and painless procedure that is useful in reducing migraines. You do not need to worry about migraines anymore.Trying out this new pain relief option may help reduce migraines and improve brain function. You get pain relief with fewer adverse effects with hyperbaric chamber therapy.

By Manali