Breaking into wifi is an activity that is often done by young people today. You must have tried it when you were in the center of the crowd. It turns out that there is a way to break into WiFi without an application, which you can use at any time.

This method is not very good, but it is not a problem to apply. Because communication is important, it should not be left alone. Don’t worry, this time you will not only be told about the method, but also complete with the steps and a powerful way to avoid backlisting.

How to Hack Wifi Without Apps on PC and Android

Those of you who have decided to break into someone else’s wifi using an IP, then you must first know the target IP address. That way, it will be easier for you later because you will not enter the wrong network.

Breaking into wifi via IP the advantage is clear that you don’t need to install supporting applications which will make storage more over. The drawback is that you have to dig up information related to the target IP address.

The risk that can be caused if you enter the wrong IP address can be said to be fatal, later your cellphone can have problems because the data is connected to each other. Especially between the device you are using and the IP address entered.

Another drawback, if you want to break into wifi via IP. You have to make sure first that the network to be hacked comes from or a device from indihome. In addition, it is usually very difficult to break into.

Quoted, check to the steps you can go through to connect the device via IP address. Of course, by paying attention to how to break into WiFi without the following application:

  1. Go to the phone or PC settings menu.
  2. Turn on the wifi network on the electronic device that you want to connect.
  3. Click the wifi network you want to connect to, wait until the next menu appears.
  4. Click Modify Network Configuration on the device used.
  5. Click-Modify-Network-Configuration-on-the-device
  6. Your next task is to change the IP address of the wifi network that will be hacked. The change from 168.1.1 was changed to the IP address
  7. After successfully making changes to the IP address, your next task is to switch to goggle and enter the search field.
  8. Enter the address number 168.1.254 in the search field, don’t forget to click OK.
  9. Papers on the login or login page. You can use the following user and password;
  10. Using the Admin Username, you can also use User.
  11. Password using admin and user.
  12. The next process is the stage that will bring up a username and password that can be used to access the wifi network that you want to break.
  13. You only need to copy the password and the password that appears on the screen to connect the device to the internet network.

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How to View IP Addresses of Various Devices to Hack Wifi

In the first way, you can use an IP address, with the aim of being able to eradicate wi-fi networks. This method can be said to be relatively easy for those of you who are just learning about the world of hackers . How to break into WiFi without an application with an IP seems to be the basic thing that hackers do .

Another problem that is triggered by using this IP address is when the system from the wifi has a problem, then it will also hinder the activity of breaking into the wifi that you are doing.

Breaking into wifi via IP turns out to be also available in various ways that you can choose. This, can also be adjusted to your level of ability to understand the network. The method, which is classified as a market, is easy for you to apply in various types of wi-fi.

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Breaking into wifi using an IP address can not only be done through an Android or iOS device, but can also be done via a PC / computer. The devices used to access the wi-fi can both access the internet if they are successful in the hacking process.

How to break into WiFi without an application by using this IP address makes you have to learn about how to see IP addresses. Here’s how to find out the IP addresses of various electronic devices connected to WiFi along with the steps to break them;

1. Use IP Address On Computer Or PC Via Command Prompt To Break Wifi

Different platforms used, different ways to break into WiFi without an application, especially via IP addresses. If you want to take advantage of an available IP network, you must first learn how to find it before practicing how to break into WiFi without an application.

On your computer or PC there is a special key combination that you can use to speed up finding an IP address. Simple steps that you can go through to find out the IP address are;

  1. Go to the desktop PC or laptop, make sure the computer is in normal condition without running applications.
  2. Click the keyboard button that looks like a window or the Windows icon .
  3. After pressing, then click the letter R along with the Windows icon .
  4. The screen will show a role which you can later fill with the word CMD .
  5. The next process is to press the enter key or you can also click OK on the screen.
  6. Enter the word ” ipconfig ” after successfully pressing the enter key .
  7. Observe the row of IP addresses listed on the screen because that is what you can use to break into wifi.

2. Viewing the IP on the computer through the Control Panel menu, along with the steps to connect to wifi

The control panel itself is found on every computer or pc, you only need to click the Windows button listed on the keyboard. If you can’t find the Windows key on the keyboard, you can also outsmart it at the bottom left.

The function of the control panel itself is the same as the settings menu, but the difference is that the control panel is only available on a PC or computer. So if you don’t understand this term, don’t be confused because this problem has the same function as the settings on your cellphone.

Just look for the control panel menu on the display that appears after pressing the Windows key. After several rows of options appear, you can follow the steps, as follows;

  1. Look for the Network and Internet menu in the Control Panel menu section.
  2. After successfully finding it then click View Network status and task under the previous menu.
  3. Click on the wi-fi that is your target, continue this step by clicking the details button .
  4. The IP address you are looking for from the wi-fi to be hacked will be found easily using this method.

The electronic device that you don’t miss most often is your cellphone. Various brands and types of cellphones, both Android and iOS, are attractive choices for you. Especially those who want advanced technology.

No wonder there are many free wifi hunters out there who are looking for wifi for various purposes. HP’s lightweight, flexible device is the reason why many people prefer this device to a PC or laptop.

In terms of hacking HP with good components, it’s also not inferior. For example, how to break into WiFi without an application, HP can easily read the IP address of the wi-fi network. Unlike laptops or PCs that require complicated procedures to access IP addresses.

This easy step is what you deserve to consider in finding a password from a neighbor’s password. You just need to go to settings then see the details of the wi-fi target you want to hack then an IP address will appear.

It’s clear isn’t it, if you already know the IP address, various activities are easy to do. Starting from hacking the wifi network to turning off the wifi network, or adjusting the speed of the wi-fi network can be done easily.

Those of you who don’t want the wifi at home to be easily broken into by neighbors, also need to prepare effective ways that can ward off people like this. Fair is not there is a way to break into WiFi without an application but also there is a way to protect the wi-fi network?

How to Hack wifi using a cellphone without an application with a barcode

HP has become a platform that is often used to access the internet network, because it is easier to capture signals and easier to carry everywhere, making the use of cellphones a top priority, especially for generation z.

Several HP brands have been equipped with scan facilities that make it easier for users to get free wifi. You must be confused about what the actual benefits of these facilities and services are.

The scan facility is used to make it easier to input passwords. If only one of the phones you have has been accessed by a neighbor’s wifi network, then you can get the password directly without using an application.

This method is very useful in addition to being harmless to the HP used. This method, also does not cost a lot or take up a lot of storage. Because this method is relatively easy, you can practice it directly by following these steps:

  1. Connect a cellphone that can issue a barcode directly to a wi-fi network.
  2. Go to the wi-fi settings, click the barcode button of the connected wifi.
  3. Enter-in-wi-fi-settings-click-button-barcode-of-wi-fi-connected
  4. The next step you have to access the barcode scan online or can directly use the application.
  5. Enter a screenshot of the wifi barcode you want to hijack.
  6. Wait a while until the code is read successfully, when it’s finished, you just have to move the password that has appeared to another cellphone.

You must often ask about why many people use the easier way, namely by not using applications to break into wifi. This is because it will not be harmful to the device being used.

Indeed, at first it will be safe when using the method of breaking into WiFi without an application or without an application. However, if the IP address used is continuously inputted into the application, there may be cases of personal data leakage.

Even though you are a novice hacker, don’t leave any traces that the wifi owner can later use to change your cell phone network. Instead of profit, later you will actually lose because your data cannot be protected optimally.

How to Protect IP Address from Hacking

If you ask, how to protect the wifi IP address or network that you use to hack wifi without being caught, then you need to learn about the following things;

1. Make sure the hijacked network is not WPA2

The stingy wifi owners usually use the WPA2 network to keep their network safe. Although it is strictly guarded through the WPA2 network, it does not demand the possibility to be accessed via hacking WiFi without an application.

It is said that the security of this network is more difficult, especially for novice hackers to access, because it has an adequate level of security. It can even be said to be better than some other networks such as WPS and WPA.

You can hack neighboring wifi networks that already have WPA2 security. As long as you are creative in choosing media to break into wifi. You must know that a network with WPA2 security is more difficult to process than other networks.

2. Secure Device IP

Apart from focusing on how to break into WiFi without an application, don’t forget about security. As a good internet user, it’s good to consider what media will be used to break into wifi. Especially before deciding later whether you want to use the application or not.

Choosing to use an IP address as a medium to break into a wifi network is the easiest way to break into wifi without an application. But you also don’t know the dangers if your IP address gets into the blacklist .

You can take advantage of how to break into wifi using an application if you are afraid that your IP address will be caught red-handed. This is dangerous because it can be subject to articles of theft or other actions that are less pleasant to the wi-fi owner.

3. Pay attention to MAC Address

Every electronic device that can access the internet has an IP address, as a wise technology user and willing to hack other people’s networks. It would be better if you protect the MAC which is the address of your device.

Some wi-fi networks that are difficult to hack have implemented manual registration. So that MACs that are not registered will automatically become a blacklist that cannot access the internet network via wifi even though they already know the password.

It’s not a hassle if you enter the wrong wi-fi network that is complicated like this. Especially if the owner of the wifi network knows that you often steal internet access at home.

Besides being able to make you the object of a block, later you can also get effects such as gossip, ridicule and various other uncomfortable things. That’s why you need to be careful when breaking into wi-fi networks.

After learning how to break into WiFi without this application, you also need to protect the mobile network you are using. This aims to avoid any harmful actions that will later make you regret.

Some wifi networks always report to the server about the connected devices. Through this report, you can later become one of the blacklist targets of the wifi network owner.

There is a special way that you can do to avoid the blacklist , namely by going incognito. The advantage of doing this incognito is that you will not be easily noticed by the server .

Your private secrets and history of the browsing you use to access anything, will be protected. Because the server will not report data analysis of wi-fi network usage. It is suitable for those of you who use public facilities but have a password.

The danger is that various types of break-ins and piracy are activities that are prohibited under the ITE law. So, for those of you who are trying to break into a wi-fi network with bad intentions, it would be better to cancel it because it can be said to be an act of violating the law.

Be careful and always pay attention to the steps to be a special guide for those of you who want to apply some knowledge of how to break into WiFi without an application. Always trying and staying confident is the main key for you to be successful in various things, good luck!


By Manali