It shouldn’t come as a shock when you find out that your office looks can contribute to the productivity of your business. 

Sometimes bad looks can cause distractions and laziness which will, in turn, have a negative impact on the amount of work done in the office. 

In this article, I’ll be providing you with 10 office design tips that will improve the productivity of your office.

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Pay close attention to the layout

It is important that when planning out a design, you should first of all put into consideration, what you want and what would be beneficial to your team. Research shows that people love to work in private sections and it improves their productivity. But this could be affected by capital so if you’re not doing that exactly, think of a way out that’d favor you and your team.

Create opportunities for people to move freely.

Most times people become happy when they hit a target accurately, for this cause they might want to move around the office. But if there’s no walking environment, the worker might just need to sit and watch which could be unhealthy. Even standing conference rooms should be encouraged in these times. Help people cool off by creating environments like this.

The psychology of color.

Colors could mean a lot of things depending on where and how it’s been used. For example, using a color like blue represents calmness, while yellow could represent happiness and positivity. All these should be put into consideration to get a good working condition.

Incorporate the use of natural light.

If you incorporate the use of natural light in your offices, it can help increase the productivity of the workplace. Natural light depicts freshness and newness, so what are we talking about? Do well to amplify the use of natural lights in your offices.

Plant designs.

Consider the use of plants as improved productivity boosters. They prevent sickness, noise and clear the atmosphere. If you’ve never thought of it, it’s high time you take it into consideration.

Art and crafty frameworks

In a way, this can define your business values. But asides from that it gives your office a beautiful look and can also make the atmosphere friendly for even clients. It steals the attention of people who come in and this can improve the productivity of the office.

Indicate office zones.

It’s important to create these zones as they can be important to the workers and how best they carry out office activities. Places like fun zones, conference zones, waiting zones, and quiet zones should be indicated as they can help increase the productivity of the workers.

Rethink meetings and beautiful conference rooms.

It is expedient that your conference or meeting rooms should be able to accommodate all the people attending your meetings and there won’t be any form of congestion. Make your rooms spacious enough so your workers think and breathe freely. It’s very essential.

Installation of community boards.

Creating things like this helps information and broadcast go out easily for the workers.

By Manali

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