Pregnancy is a tough time, after all, you are responsible for making a baby. Anything that you do influences the health of the baby not just in the moment, but for the rest of their life as well.

Hence, many women get conscious and even perturbed, and there is a constant litany of ‘is this safe during pregnancy’. So, to address your queries during one of the most daunting times in your lives, we have rounded by some pregnancy FAQs.

One caveat; each woman has a different experience of pregnancy and different set of conditions that they face. While there can be general rules that are applicable to all, but they also vary as per your condition. Therefore, it is important that you also consult your Gynecologist in Lahore for specific guidelines.

Pregnancy FAQs

Can I drink alcohol?

Some women have no qualms about drinking alcohol. However, that is not an entirely correct approach to have.

There have yet to be established safe levels of alcohol during pregnancy. And consumption without any discrepancy can lead to fetal alcohol syndrome, which is a dangerous condition which can mentally impair the baby. Hence, abstain from consuming alcohol, period. 

Can I drink caffeine?

While smoking and drinking are less common, but caffeine consumption is something more women can relate to. Whether it be coffee or tea or even chocolate, the addiction is real.

However, caffeine can also increase the risk for miscarriage. Too much consumption is not considered safe. Drinking up to 150 to 300 milligram is safe, however, try to err on the side of caution.

Can I exercise during pregnancy?

You can exercise during pregnancy, provided that your doctor approves of it. Some women might have high risk pregnancies, and physical activity during these periods is not recommended.

However, otherwise, exercise is very useful during this period. It can lead to improved circulation, moderation of blood sugar levels, and more importantly, help you during labor.

Pelvic floor exercises are extremely beneficial as they help in keeping the abdominal muscles strong, which is required for not only during labor, but also to avoid the issues of incontinence.

Can I eat sushi?

Raw food including sushi, deli meal, raw eggs are completely off the table. They carry a high risk of salmonella, infection, hepatitis, which naturally are not safe for the baby. Their consumption can have grave impacts on the nervous system of the baby, therefore, always go for well-cooked food.  

Can I take a hot bath?

It is not just hot baths, but other places like hammams and saunas are also not safe during pregnancy. Essentially, exposure to so much heat can lead to birth defects. Therefore, try to minimize the temperatures that you expose yourself to. 

Can I use herbal remedies?

Some people think that you can turn to natural and herbal remedies; nature is always considered to be safe, while chemicals are viewed with more caution. However, this is not an entirely sound mindset since natural remedies are not always safe either and chemicals aren’t always bad.

So, without consulting your doctor, do not try any natural supplements. Many herbs are not regulated by the authorities, so they are even more dangerous.

Can I smoke?

Smoking is bad for everyone, so, smoking during pregnancy should not even be on the paper. It cannot only harm the health of the baby, but it can also cause issues within the mother as well.

Moreover, it is important that pregnant women not also be around secondhand smoke. Passive smoking is also harmful to the health of the mother and the baby, therefore, be watchful of your environment.

Can I take medication?

While your doctor will most likely consider when prescribing you medication, but there are still over-the-counter drugs that you can take. However, you should always consult your Gynecologist in Karachi before taking any drugs, as many are not safe for consumption during pregnancy.

By Manali