In recent years, smartphone companies have co-opted games as a way of making money. The essence of card games has been preserved with interactive content on the phone that isn’t available with board games or video gaming consoles. When it comes to games, India is one of the most interesting places in the world. People from all around the world play a variety of card games.

Call Break is a popular online card game in India with the popularity over a smartphone and is accessible via the internet. The game allows you to play it online since it is compatible with smartphones. Online card games have gained traction over the last couple of years as more people have access to smartphones.

With the advent of new technologies, online call break games started gaining popularity in India for a while now and it has its own reason. The whole idea of convenience, quick and easy games which are played from home with a little fee is enthralling millions of people and everyone is taking the full advantage of it.

There are many reasons why this game is synonymous with the Indian market but earning money is certainly one of them. Call Break begs to be succeeded due to its addictive combination of a free-to-play game with variable tournaments, where players can gain a paid win as long as they don’t break the rules.

Here’s why Indian Gamers play Card Game “Call Break” which is largely popular in India.

Call break games are becoming more and more popular in India. With its entertaining gameplay, this game can be played anywhere and with anybody. Online, you too can enjoy the game with friends or elsewhere and still stay in touch with the winnings that you’ve made. Here are just a few reasons why call break games are so easy to love.

  1. Strategic Gameplay

In call break gaming, players use their knowledge and skills to outsmart the other team. The game ‘kills’ stressors because it requires your attention for the whole duration of the game. You are always watching each other and deciding what cards to play and when to play them in order to win. It also builds adrenaline when a player is attentive towards the game without even realising that. The strategic game play is one of the major factors as to why call break online games are so described by most people in India.

  1. Fair Play Algorithms

Call break games are a fun way to pass out time in these hectic modern times. AIO Games is known for fair play in India and its AI based algorithm helps those looking for game-experience fun and a smooth game. It’s a thrilling and exciting game that keeps the home fires burning at night. To make the game more interactive and to bring back the sheer magic of call break games, online games are gaining popularity. Offline dealers often shuffle more than they should and that safeguards offline activities. People introduced errors while dealing with cards in an offline scenario which impacts gaming heavily. Online call break games give you a fair chance playing without any gambles at all.

  1. Good UI

With a user-friendly interface, online call break games are easy to operate. For the game to entertain you and keep things interesting, a simple UI adds a touch of sophistication. In addition, with a call break game in India they have a few extra perks. Allowing the user to control their gameplay and experience makes this a tempting option.  These qualities of online call break games online help make the game more fun and expand their audience base.

  1. Make A Little Extra Cash

Call break games online have been popular in India with over 40% of the time spent on mobile gaming coming from this category. Gamers are using apps like AIO Games to win prizes from these short, fun games that test their skills at odds. People like to play call break games online in India for a variety of reasons – it’s easy and a quick way to pay the bills. Furthermore, players get points with varying scores in each round, making the game more interactive. For many Indians, call break games are a common tradition due to the nature of their culture. This cultural relationship can be evidenced by the large fanbase of call break games in India.

Indian individuals are proving to rely on such as AIO Games to play Call Break games for relaxing and socialising. They are currently the hottest new game mode sweeping through the Indian gaming world across multiple platforms.

  1. Always Available

Because of their accessibility, one reason for the popularity of Call Break gaming is India. With so many people playing online call break at the same time, it facilitates conversation, relieves stress and senses boredom. The best part is that they are always available and fun to play whenever you would like. Online games allow players to come together at the touch of a button. The feature contributes to fun and competitiveness which is one of the main draws for Indians. You can play from your phone, without any interruptions, with or without prearranged plans.


Call break a.k.a Tash Games have originated as a way to provide new thrills. With sophisticated gaming platforms, such as AIO Games, people all over India are looking for sustenance in stressful periods. Call Break games can keep your adrenaline pumping by providing challenging situations to surmount. The popularity of call break comes from its simplicity, entertainment, ability to counter boredom and it being easy to download and play on most devices. Head on over to AIO Games official website or If you don’t have time, scan the QR code and install the app on your phone.

By Manali