Tile is a great choice for the bathroom and kitchen. While solid surface counters still rule the minds of most homeowners, shrinking is something else. Tiles and stone blocks are a great choice. Stone blocks and mosaic tiles are usually installed on a lattice support, which makes installation easier than the decades-old way of laying pieces.

In the shower, I often see tiles or mosaic stone,

 Which creates a uniform look from floor to ceiling? This process eliminates paint peeling in a very demanding environment. It’s also the cleaner side of the design. By extending the ceiling tile, you have several additional options to add a design element, such as treating the subway tile to a vertical pattern or changing the colors of the vertical stripes to give the room a larger look. Appearance due to change in altitude.. Another design option is to make several different horizontal strips. Use low contrast in small spaces, but enough to create interest in a dull and uninteresting space.

In the kitchen, where you use tiles as a back wall behind the boiler, you can create a higher sense of height and emphasize the beautiful air cleaner. If you have a sink that doesn’t face a window, adding a nice open shelf will make it feel less restricted than over-the-sink cabinets. This area can be a focal point for displaying your favorite decorations or your most frequently used dishes and utensils; Whether they are colorful or unusual, they are not only useful, but also a great addition to your kitchen decor.

An open kitchen shelf above a wall of interesting

Ceiling tiles can attract special attention, allowing for storage and display. The dining room where the kids sit can be a great place to keep ingredients readily available, especially in a space-saving ballroom.

There are so many options when it comes to wall tiles. Stone, glass, porcelain and ceramic tiles are available in smooth, metallic, clear, solid and drummed. I would remind clients to think about the relationship between counter and backsplash options, which need to be coordinated with both color and pattern. Often customers choose a stained worktop with high color contrast, but then choose the same strong backsplash behind hood vent on the counter; and I’m usually not very happy with the end result. It’s best to choose one because of the high design or color contrast, which doesn’t mean that there’s no contrast in both areas; but at some point you have to moderate.

By Manali