Buying medical marijuana in Missouri is becoming more convenient for patients seeking alternative treatments for severe conditions. Medical marijuana is widely available, but you must first obtain a medical marijuana identity card to gain access to outlets. Even better, you can get approval from the comfort of your couch. Learn more about Green Team Doctors or other competent physicians, including their telehealth solutions and tailored patient care to address the opioid epidemic. Once you speak with a professional, state-licensed specialist, you’re one step closer to being in a position to purchase medical marijuana legally and safely. 

Medicinal Cannabis Products

Medical cannabis refers to cannabis products prescribed by physicians to treat symptoms. You can buy most of them without a prescription online. Unfortunately, this isn’t a guarantee of their quality and substance composition. Some of them are illegal and possibly harmful. As therapeutic cannabis, several cannabis-based medications are available only by prescription through certified doctors for certain diseases.

Cannabis-Based Medication Prescription

Medical cannabis medications are only available with a prescription from a professional physician. Most marijuana products flooding the market have not been adequately researched scientifically. On the other hand, medical marijuana dispensaries only offer marijuana products that have undergone rigorous drug testing. These tests ensure that the drugs are of excellent quality, safe and effective.

Under the following circumstances, a physician may consider prescribing medical cannabis medications for you or your loved one;

  • Doctors may prescribe marijuana medications if a patient has an unusual type of epilepsy that medical cannabis can help with.
  • If you’re struggling with spasticity due to multiple sclerosis (MS) and therapies aren’t working, doctors can prescribe medical marijuana.
  • Doctors may prescribe medical marijuana to patients who’re vomiting or nauseous due to chemotherapy if other anti-nausea medications don’t help.

Medical cannabis is often only explored when other therapies are ineffective or don’t work. The professional will talk you through the best treatment options. If none of the following applies, it’s unlikely that your doctor will suggest medical cannabis to you or your loved one.

Background Of Medical Marijuana In Missouri 

According to the Missouri Department of Health, there are 169 pharmacies authorized to operate in Missouri and another 30 pharmacies pending approval. You should also note that under Missouri law, i.e., the Missouri Medical Cannibals Trade Association (MMCTA), patients who are cardholders in Missouri can purchase a maximum of 4oz of flower or its equivalent in concentrates each month. In addition, the law allows patients with a Missouri medical cannabis treatment card to possess a maximum of eight ounces of flower or its equivalent in concentrates, i.e., 6400mg, without disclosing their product source. Missouri also offers a cultivation program for patients and caregivers that allows them to cultivate up to six flowering plants in secure spaces with the proper patient and caregiver authorization.

With the cannabis sector booming in Missouri, it’s much easier to find registered and licensed facilities where you can get more information about medical marijuana and acquire the best options to suit your needs. Thanks to the wide range of products under cultivation, more marijuana products are available. In fact, according to the most recent statistics on cumulative monthly sales volume, Missouri has generated over $136 million in sales. It is on track to exceed at least $200 million by the end of 2022.

How To Know Legally Registered marijuana Outlets In Missouri

The federal government’s health website provides a list of licensed clinics in Missouri and information on cultivation facilities, infusion product manufacturing facilities, and laboratory research facilities. Some of these approved and licensed pharmacies operate numerous dispensaries.

Assuming you want to visit a medical marijuana dispensary in person. In that case, it would be best to have your Missouri medical marijuana ID card before visiting the store. Essentially, it is in your best interest to get a Missouri-certified physician’s signature on your medical condition and a recommendation that you qualify for medical marijuana based on your situation.

Telehealth To Get Missouri Marijuana Medical Cards

Most conventional physicians who work in networks still fear prescribing medical marijuana because it threatens a large percentage of their business since it depends on federal payments that include Medicare and Medicaid. You can avoid this stumbling block by turning to patient-centered telemedicine groups that connect patients with physicians to evaluate and facilitate accessibility to Missouri medical cards. Telemedicine alternatives can benefit multiple patients. At the same time, they allow physicians and clinicians to provide immediate assistance to individuals in need of medical care.

That said, medical marijuana can help patients suffering from different diseases. However, it’s crucial to engage a licensed and authorized doctor who will assess your condition. Beyond that, specifically, purchase medical marijuana from licensed outlets.

By Manali