For me, it’s ‘facing’ depression as best I can. This means facing up to myself and to my experiences.

It means acknowledging the difficulties that depression can bring – to myself, and to my loved ones. It means acknowledging that depression is not some personal failing of my character – it doesn’t reflect who I am.

An initial diagnosis can only be done by a mental health professional, as opposed to a physical health professional, who can then evaluate the severity of the disorder and monitor the patient’s progress. Also, depression requires a more detailed explanation of the symptoms as well as the connection to the person’s past or present, in order to address the person’s personal and psychological problems.

For me, I’ve come to know the tricks that depression sometimes plays on me. But, when depression hit again, I could see a lot of areas where I had to overcome depression and deal with some of the core issues it brings. That’s where the challenge comes in.

Depression is not something that can be ‘overcome’. But, with the understanding that I’m coming to, I can combat some of the depression that comes with it.

Only then can I come to a more positive place.

I can tell you first hand that going through stress and anxiety is hell. You live with it every day. It’s a reality that impacts your mind, body, and life. It can happen at any age, at any job, in any community, and for almost any reason. The good news is that you can use 15minutes4me. I am going to show you how to make your life happy by using 15minutes4me.

As Mark Morando put it in his book ‘You Never Know What’s Behind A Song’, “The greatest evidence of a song’s success is that it still makes you sing it years and years after it’s written.”

Even if I don’t feel like singing or writing, I’m sure I can come up with enough songs to inspire others and bring me some success. I’m sure I can overcome depression.

I’m sure of that because depression is a very common affliction – and just like any other kind of illness, it has its strengths and weakness.

The strengths are quite obvious – depression has taught me how to face and overcome my depression in many different ways.

In the way I have overcome depression, I’m sure I’m not alone.

Embracing your weaknesses, acknowledging your weaknesses, and dealing with your weaknesses can lead you to success.

Understanding what kind of depression you’re facing – be it clinical depression or otherwise – and breaking through that down is a key part of overcoming depression. I’m glad I’m a part of that process and I know that there are people with similar stories and knowledge that I can learn from and be inspired by.

In this post I’ve focused on overcoming depression as best I can.

Hopefully, I can encourage and motivate others to seek help if they need it – and to work through their depression in a way that works for them.

‘Crossing the Rubicon’: My Journey Through Depression

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Thoughts on Depression and Writing

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About Karan Singh

Karan Singh has written a number of bestselling books on mental health. His first book, Will Publishing My Book Help My Depression? was published in 2012 and received an award at the Disability Expo, USA. His second book, The Year I Became Depressed, released in 2013.

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If you’re depressed and reading this post, then please do seek help. Don’t try to overcome depression on your own.

The world needs you as much as you need it.

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