Some businesses communicate with existing and prospective customers through one of the oldest forms of marketing communication, emails. However, you want to send your email at the best time to have the best possible impact. While one cannot pinpoint the exact time to send out emails, there are patterns that show when the best time is.

What Works Best With Your Email Provider

When determining the best time to send out your emails, It is best to work with your email marketing services provider to find the best time for your situation. They may have times when the pricing is better and the traffic is slower, making it an optimal time for sending your business email advertisements or newsletters. 

They should also be familiar with the best times for your business’s particular industry or area. In addition, they can provide you with personalized statistics for your situation and budget.

The Time of Day

Ideally, when sending out emails, you want your target audience to receive them when they are most likely checking their emails. This may seem redundant as the mail will be in their inbox, but the further the mail goes down the line, they’re least likely to check it. So, for example, it may be on page nine, line twenty, rather than page one, line one. 

This means that the best time to send an email would be in the middle of the afternoon. This is when most people are checking their email and when it is most likely to end up at the top of their page.

The Day of the Week

Likewise, the day of the week is important because people are less likely to check their email on the weekend. This is particularly true when it is a business email account. The best days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This is when email usage reaches a peak during the week. On the weekend, it reduces the chances of it being seen and read.

Just Before a Scheduled Event

One of the best ways to choose when to send out an email advertisement or newsletter is just before an event you have scheduled. This will not only provide your clients and prospects with a reminder, but if they are expecting the event, they will be more likely to notice your email. 

At the same time, it will help serve as a reminder of the upcoming event for your business. As a result, just prior to a scheduled event is a perfect time to send out emails.

Demographics Affect the Best Time

In selecting a time to send out emails, it is important to take into consideration the demographics of your customer base. It turns out that young people are more likely to be checking their email in the evening when they are not in school. 

If you are in the entertainment industry, Friday evening may actually be the best time to send out your email because your prospects are more likely to be looking for weekend entertainment. Furthermore, it is important to understand whether or not you have clients or prospects in a different time zone and adjust the sending time accordingly.

When Competitors are not Sending Emails

A suitable time to send out emails to your customers and prospects is when your competitors are not doing it. This reduces the competition for them looking at your email. This is why the earlier examples are not the best time in every situation. 

If your customers are getting fewer emails like yours, they are more likely going to pay attention to it. This is because a single email message regardless of the topic will stand out more and standing out more is the key to it being read.

When sending emails for your business, timing can be everything. Because of this, you need to find the timing that works best to send the email to your company and its customers. Getting the timing right improves the chances of your email being read and getting the seals that you need.

By Manali