It’s natural for your eyes to take in the sights when you’re walking down the street. And newsstands are a long-standing fixture along almost any well-traveled city street. They get seen repeatedly during daily travel. Why not use these items of street furniture to market your own business?

Newsrack advertising brings advertising to your customers as they’re living their lives. It’s something they’re accustomed to seeing as they go about their day. And, they can attract the attention of both foot and vehicular traffic. Legally, a newsrack isn’t just a machine that sells or distributes newspapers. The term still applies when the distribution is related to other publications such as coupon circulars, real estate magazines, and other periodicals. 

Let’s look at the top 12 reasons why you should consider using newsrack advertising for your business.

  1. Markets to Pedestrians 

How often do you notice pedestrians walking in public? Newsrack advertising functions like an up close and personal billboard, tailored for busy street traffic audiences. Walking into the store? Waiting for your bus or carpool to arrive? Reading headlines from the local papers? All of these little moments are opportunities for your business to get seen through your advertisement on the newsrack. And they’re almost always at eye level.

  1. Increased Visibility

Because newsrack advertising is almost exclusively placed in high-traffic areas, your ad will be seen by the masses. This offers greater opportunities to connect with more of your ideal customers.

  1. Market to Travelers Stuck in Traffic

We’ve all had the experience of being stuck at an intersection. How do you pass the time? Many travelers look around them, taking in the advertising on street furniture… including newsracks! And because most people follow similar travel patterns from day to day, they’ll get regular exposure to your ad. This is one of the easiest ways to make it easier for them to remember you.

  1. Perceived Credibility

The constant visibility of your ad in the public lives of your readers helps them associate your brand with their community. This fosters loyalty. And they begin to see your business as serving the public good.

  1. Build Your Reputation Through Positive Local Associations

The periodicals shared through newsracks usually share local events and information. When your community sees your ad on top of the rack, it’s like your ad is saying, “Your local community’s events are brought to you by…” Who wouldn’t want that kind of positive association? Just by advertising your business gets associated with charity drives, community activities, and special events.

  1. It’s Widely Available

While physical newspaper distribution has been reduced over recent years, many newsrack locations remain available. Some of them are dedicated to other forms of periodicals such as community magazines. 

  1. Simplicity Works Best

Don’t have the budget for a professional copywriter or marketer? Consider getting started with newsrack advertising! Using just a few easy strategies will help your ad be a success. Simple and clear benefit-driven messages work best for this marketing medium. Got a great photo? Have a website or phone number your reader can use to contact you? Add a simple call to action and you’ve got an ad!

  1. Durability

Few marketing methods are designed to weather the elements like newsracks. Hot or cold, wet or dry, once your ad goes up it should last a good long while.

  1. You’re Not Responsible for Maintenance

Advertisers aren’t responsible for maintaining self-service vending machines like newsracks. Instead, those obligations are put on the news distributor. You don’t need to concern yourself with landscaping fees, repairs, permits, or city codes.

This makes newsrack advertising among the simplest options available because most of the work is done for you. All you have to worry about is creating a design and paying the fees for it to be placed. And you can save money by reusing components from old marketing campaigns!

  1. Repetition Makes Your Business a Familiar Friend

One of the biggest advantages of advertising through newsracks is having repetitive touchpoints with your audience. That familiarity makes it easier for them to reach out to you when they need help. They’ll already have positive associations with your brand. And, because they recognize your name, it’s easy to choose you over an unknown business without that visibility.

  1. Great for Local Businesses

Newsrack marketing is uniquely suited to advertising local businesses. Almost all of the associations for periodicals are local. This means it’s a fantastic way to build awareness for your business or event widely on a local scale.

  1. Low Cost

Compared to other marketing mediums, newsracks offer some of the most affordable rates for the volume of impressions you can expect.

Is Newsrack Advertising Right For You?

Does your business operate on a local level? Do you offer an event in your municipality? If so, newsrack advertising can increase your visibility within the community you serve.

By Manali