What Exactly Are Managed IT Services?


Oct 13, 2022

Managed IT Services Washington can be a mix of remote and hybrid IT along with on-demand IT coverage. Many companies can benefit from adding managed IT services to the mix by effectively outsourcing resource-intensive tasks and filling existing gaps in their in-house alternatives. In addition, managed IT services can be offered for on-site IT needs along with cloud storage solutions.

Outsourcing to a managed IT service provider can come with numerous benefits. For one, it can boost your efficiency as an organization. It can also help you maintain much higher uptimes than if you were to attempt to handle it in-house. You will want to ensure that the company complies with international and national regulatory entities as it relates to your customer’s data.

What Exactly Are Managed IT Services?

A managed IT service provider can effectively help your company handle all essential IT tasks by a third party. They typically have a team of skilled and experienced employees working around the clock for their clients. This can either help you lighten the load on your existing in-house team or completely move it to remote management. A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is an excellent option for companies that want to offer 24/7 coverage and those that want to leverage the skill and expertise they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford in-house.

What Are The Most Common Services?

You will find that Managed IT services can include a lot of different responsibilities. However, the more common ones have:

– Remote monitoring for hardware

– Remote management for hardware and infrastructure

– Configuration and management of cloud services

– Communication assistance

– Cloud compliance 

Some Benefits Of Managed IT Services

You can gain a lot of benefits by hiring and outsourcing your IT services to a third party with experience. Some of them include:

1. Greater Efficiency

One of the most significant benefits that you can gain from outsourcing is a gain in efficiency across the board. By handing the reigns off to a third party, you can have your in-house workforce focusing on other result-producing tasks within your business. You can have them focused on things that drive revenue for your business and not focused on things that are tedious or time-consuming. They will also have the expertise to ensure that you optimize your infrastructure, which can improve your return on investment considerably. 

2. Better Uptime

Another benefit you can get from outsourcing your efforts is the fact that they can work 24/7. They aren’t going to be tied to the same schedule as your in-house staff. Because of this, you can have them monitor and update your systems during off-hours. This alone can save you from having to waste valuable in-office hours to do the same things. It’s going to allow you to achieve greater uptime as a result. 

Some Considerations For Managed IT Service Providers

Strategic IT Planning

When you hire and outsource your IT services, you can get strategic planning from a company that knows what they are doing. They can help you make additions and configuration changes and even help you prioritize infrastructure upgrades. This can help you figure out how to improve your systems to achieve your organizational goals effectively. 

Steps To Better Decision Making For Selecting A MSP

Whenever you are in the process of choosing an MSP, you want to go through some steps. By going through the right steps, you can narrow down your options to select the right one. First, you need to find a company that fits your needs as an organization. You want to carefully assess everything from your assets to your goals as a company. 

Flexibility and Scalability

The two most important things that you need to pay attention to would be their flexibility and scalability. Whenever you are shopping for an MSP, you need to assess whether or not it can handle what you require as an organization and how easy it can scale with your organization as it grows. After all, you are planning to grow your business. Therefore, you want a company that can effectively scale with you seamlessly. This includes their bandwidth, service hours, and more.

This is especially important if you are going to be making significant infrastructure changes anytime soon. For instance, if you are doing a cloud migration, you want to ensure you have an MSP that can seamlessly take you through it. 

Storage as a Service

You also want to consider whether or not they can deliver the services you need. For example, NGEN is a company that offers very scalable storage options for organizations that need it. They have services that integrate easy-to-use management tools, built-in protection for data, and more.

By Manali